Getting the old one out can be as easy as...

January 5 2018 at 5:08 PM
EricinMaine  (Login EricinMaine)

Response to Is it easy to replace mrod breach seal? Nt

shooting the rifle a couple of times with the bolt open(no pellet).Otherwise,use a pick and pull it out.Be wicked carful not to scratch the groove that holds it,if your pick is steel.

Silicon lube a new o-ring and set it within easy reach.

Feed a dowel down the barrel,stopping just before the o-ring groove.use painters masking tape to hold it at the
muzzle end.

With the safety on;pull the bolt all the way back till it locks.

Hold the rifle vertically with the muzzle down.

Obtain o-ring,and squeeze it till it looks like a figure of 8.

Stuff one half of the 8 across the breech opening,and into the groove made for it.
use your index finger tip to squash the other half of the 8 into the groove.It will open into an O shape on its own and fill the groove.

This took me 3 tries before I got it right.

Good luck,EricinMaine-

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