FWB 124 disassembled - Lube recommendations?

January 7 2018 at 5:57 PM
6.5BR  (Login 6.5BR)

Been long overdue, tore it down, old seal crumbled up, had to clean all out.

Does the new seal just press fit in?

FYI, ended up having a helper hold the compression chamber down while backing off the bolt that holds it all together, while I had an old t-shirt draped over it, using a handle of a rubber mallet, using the middle of the handle while I straddled over it with two hands forming a T across the top of the back of the action, not touching the safety. When it came loose it was a bit of a surprise but all went well and nothing got lost, safety all good. I will reverse the order with my helper carefully lining up the threads to not have a problem cross-threading.

What are you guys using for lubes, and which lube where? I have some old Beeman Chamber oil and Pena-dry moly powder.

The spring still has the "Spring Tar" from when a buddy tore it down years back, it was operating well - very smooth, accurate and consistent when the old seal failed.

Any recs on re-assembly and lube prior to putting it all back appreciated.

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