Opinion on the Rapid 70 b/p

January 7 2018 at 6:51 PM

rami939  (Login rami939)

Response to Rapid70's P-Rod Bullpup opinions please..

Hi there,

you'll need to get used to the short length ,but,is very manageable ,and also,since you're left hand shooter,the magazine sticking out to the right side ,might be an issue for you .

There's an easy fix for it,in the way of using of a single pellet tray ,which is what I'm using at the moment .

The rig is very light weight,which is perfect for hunting in hilly areas ,or ,to carry it in a back pack ,or boat/kayak .

"All that being said,since you already own a Taipan mutant short,I would stick to that gun ".

The only sacrifice would be the extra 5 inches longer,but you gain more shots,and more power with the Taipan .

I've owned a Taipan mutant short,so ,I know .

I bought my Prod already converted to what it looks like now,everything barely used ,and then,added a Robert Lane regulator and I've got some internal work done as well .

After all the stuff is added,you'll end up putting out the same money you pay for the Taipan,and,the Taipan short will smoke the prod any day of the week .

Hope these comments will help somehow to decide if it's worth it .

Is up to you Chief !

Good luck .

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