My second adult springer was a HW35 and I used it to snipe squirrels out to 30 yards.

January 9 2018 at 11:16 PM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to Anyone using their HW35E on small game?

That gun is the only one I've owned that shot .177 RWS SuperDomes well and out to 30 yards it worked well using head shots (between eye and ear). I owned that gun several decades ago and it was fitted with a Beeman 1x-4x scope which was adequate for sniping at my 25 yard zero distance.

I used that gun for 20 years and the spring never did break but it got very week. There was a squirrel on my bird feeder when living in West Virginia and I shot the squirrel in the neck at about 20 yards. With the shot the squirrel scampered up the tree the feeder was hanging on so I actually thought I missed the nutter. A couple weeks later there was "another" squirrel on the same feeder, however I dropped that one with a .177 Super dome that went between the eye and ear. When I retrieved the nutter (I eat those things) I felt a lump on the side of the neck. LOL.....there was the skirt of a .177 SuperDome sticking out of the hide with the pellet head inside. Kinda reminded me of a Frankensquirrel! wink.gif That was when I realized that I didn't miss the squirrel that I shot a couple weeks earlier, the HW35 simply no longer had the moxy to put a pellet through the looser fur at the side of the neck, however with the tighter hide being backed up with the skull there was sufficient penetration.

Anywhoo......soon after that I ordered my third adult springer from Beeman, a .177 R10 and I thought the R10 was as good as the HW35 was bad for squirrel sniping. The R10 was lighter, had similar cocking effort, yet shot a SuperDome 100fps faster. The HW35 was sold years later after replacing the spring with a Maccari spring kit and the buyer was happy to get it after taking a few shots.

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