January 10 2018 at 8:33 PM
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Response to The Daisy 415 is a hard hitter

I carry the 415 (heading out to do so shortly) when I go to put the ducks away at night. The rats and mice love the duck food, and the lemons that are blooming now- they're in heaven.
I'm helping them stay there with 3-4 quick fired bb's into the little fur bearers.
The trigger is like a glock- you may not like it, but I like the cross training.
I'm using the Excite smart shot so there are less ricochets. I can get 10 shots out before they clear the neighbors fence. I've yet to have one go away wounded, the pistol just points well and you can walk the bb's right into the rodent.
At 7 yards, in my garage, I can keep the whole mag under an inch if I take my time, but the gun shoots well instinctively, which I think we all need to work on.
I like it for all kinds of fun- I take it fishing, for water snakes up in the Sierra's (the pencil thin ones, not the 4 foot long ones...) and general mayhem. Can't recommend it enough..

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