Airmax pistol stock

January 11 2018 at 12:08 PM
Rick P  (Login pluric)

This thread was asking about a possible stock for an Mrodair Airmax pistol

Gubb33ps had an excellent suggestion basing it on a Crosman 13XX stock.
I thought I would try it out. Works great!

Sorry for photo links. Wouldn't load them right.

Finished gun is light and easy to shoulder.

After cutting the stock I used a drill with a 1/2 inch sanding drum
to bevel the stock to fit closer to the grip. I then used this product
to seal and glue the grip to the stock. It's a firm putty that you can
work with a Popsicle stick. Sets quickly.

Little semi-gloss black paint to hide the off white of the putty and
the cosmetics are taken care of.

I opted to just use a longer grip screw to hold the assembly to the gun.
A 60mm long 5mm 8 screw worked great. I'd put putty on the base of the
grip so it doesn't twist so one screw is enough. Removes just like the
factory if I want to go back to a pistol. Ordered a grip from Mrod.

This was standing gun rested on a window sill at 19 yards. 4 shots.
I was afraid a fifth shot would blow my grouping. wink.gif JSB 15.89

Thanks Gubb and Yellow for posting great information and ideas for us all!

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