Don, the Rowan trigger uses the same Geometery

January 12 2018 at 2:56 PM
Art Deuel  (Login ADeuel)

Response to Installed a Rowan trigger in a LGU. I had my factory trigger

as the original Walther trigger, it will not give you any different action....just a different feel because of the shape of the trigger.

I installed a Rowan trigger, didn't like it, so I drilled a new hole 1/2 way between the original front and rear screws and tapped it M3x0.5,same as the original Rowan screws, and moved the rear screw forward into the new can get a really nice trigger now!

The front screw is projecting .1275"(3.14mm) above the surface of the trigger....The rear screw is at .104"(2.84mm) and this gives me a little bit of a long first stage and the second stage breaks with about 3/4 ounce additional pressure without any felt movement.

It helps to buff the top of the trigger screws to a larger radius, it gives a lot better "feel" and a very predictable break.

With your present trigger you could back-out both screws until the gun won't discharge, then adjust the rear screw in until the gun fires, then adjust the front screw in until you get the action you want.

Hope this helps,

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