February 3 2018 at 1:17 AM
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Response to What rifles has your FX Crown or FX Impact replaced?

I have an Impact with every caliber conversion available. Its a neat gun, and I like it for what it is. But it will not replace my others. While I can put the .30 bbl on the impact, it is not a threat to my .30 Boss, the boss beats it in velocity and accuracy so far in my testing. The same goes for the Impact in its .25 configuration. It shoots very well, but not quite as well as my FX Gladiator MkII .25 does, nor as good as my .25 long Matador. In its .177 guise, its powerful and accurate. But still takes a back seat to me FWB 700 and Stery 110 in that caliber.

The impact is neat because it can wear many different faces, and is highly adjustable. (It needs to be if your going to be swapping all those calibers with wildly different air requirements).

But so far in the year I've had mine, and believe me when I say I've put it through exhaustive testing over the chronograph and ranges out to 100m.

I like the impact because I can grab it in its case and go do anything. It performs very well in all its guises. But IMHO it is master of none of them.

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