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February 3 2018 at 8:48 AM

robny  (Login robnewyork)

Response to How to adapt the Plinkster FFH to the CP-1M pistol. Rob, this may interest you.

I'm actually still working on the plinkster project while the bullpuppy collects dust ( sad really ) .. Reason being , had my first child 5 days ago ( girl , 7lbs 3 oz ) and haven't even had the chance to test the sear on the plinkster frame.. I actually really need the sear now , because while deburring the rear end of the plinkster tube , I accidentally ground the factory sear about .3 mm shorter leaving engagement dangerously low.. I may do the FFH on the plinkster, But I'm first trying to tune it for a light hammer strike , and good valve duration without investing too much..(e.g cothran valve ). The plinkster tube now carries a discovery valve heavily ported..... I'm halfway there.. This way My force requirements from the FFH will be relatively lower ( aren't all things in airguns somewhat relative ? lol) When I get to the final stages of the build , Ill calculate my bar/cc fpe efficiency and decide on FFH.. who knew making a plinkster a 9mm 75 fpe repeater would be hard?

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