Help please in reducing the power on an LG100 AZ and EV2 Korick mk2

February 3 2018 at 2:24 PM

AngliaUSA  (Login AngliaUSA)

Ok so I have an LG100AZ - Bumble Bee yellow with the barley twist barrel - set up by AZ to shoot at 18ft lbs.

What do I need to do to it to get it shooting at 11.5 ft lbs for WFTF ?

Am I correct in thinking a softer hammer spring and a reduced threaded port screw might get me to where I want to be ?

and the same question applies to my EV2 mk2 ... also an 18ft lb open FT gun, it has a Korick regulator installed as well as the big longer HW barrel - from what i've read on line there is a breech velocity adjustment screw I can fiddle with and then also adjusting the hammer spring adjustment ... I do have the original AA 12ft lb barrel to put back on , it's shorter length will likely be better suited to WFTF shooting.

Have any of you attempted this successfully ?

If so any pointers would be much appreciated.

My concern is that both rifles are regulated to shoot at a higher power output and without installing a new lower powered regulator I might be simply chasing my tail .... thoughts ?

Cheers all.

James B

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