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Diana/RWS 54 Forum???

April 3 2002 at 9:42 PM
TCooper  (Login t-cooper)

A while back I remember some talk about a forum dedicated to the Diana 54. Did it happen? If so, what is the link?
I bumped into a guy today who wants a 54 so I thought the forum might help him decide.


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(Login cartercox)


April 3 2002, 9:46 PM 

I think this is the one you're talking about.

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(Login t-cooper)


April 3 2002, 10:05 PM 

Thanks, I appreciate the link but it was for the general Diana forum. I thought there might be a forum for the 54 model.
I did a GOOGLE search and came up with the following but the forum link was not there.

... I'm a proud owner of an RWS-54 airgun. This amazing gun is very accurate ... and sharing
their own experiences. A specialized forum will be linked to the page ...


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(Login cartercox)


April 3 2002, 10:16 PM 

Sorry about that. I havn't ever heard of a forum strictly for the 54. That site you showed lookes like it has some pretty good info on it. I'd just show the guy you ran into that, I think he'd be a taker after he read that:).

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(Login 8219038)

Todd & Carter

April 3 2002, 10:00 PM 

The forum is actually dedicated to Dianas, not just to 54s, your friend can go there and raise 54 questions and I feel sure will get a good responce. It is coming along nicely thanks to Dave Nemanis' hard work.....gtb

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(Login ZVP)

Gains and Carter, thanks for the plugs! And...

April 4 2002, 12:14 AM 

Todd ,
You are more than welcome to post on the forum!
I am trying to gather information for us all to refer to concerning anything Diana or Diana related over there.
Much information on this line of airguns was lost by the factory after WWII.
Much tooling was liberated and moved to Scotland and Great Britan shortlly thereafter.
Since, there seems to be a lack of factory history and information archived anywhere short of what the catalog says, even up to this day!
Luckilly we have had a few good reference books on airguns in general to dig thru, and now perhaps an online reference in the Collective (yes, it is a "Borg" pun).
Anyhow, this is why I decided to give gathering it under one roof a try.
Not much to loose, very much for all to gain!
We have many good folks giving it their honest all in efforts, and pricless help and information so far, and the future looks promising!
Heck, about 3 months ago I got SO frustrated just trying to run down only one rifle,I think I got a baldspot, and just think of how many models have gone by unchronicled!
This is the "why" of the forums broad but single manufacturer baseline.
Specific model info will hopefully some day get cataloged there for reference for all.
Right now the Forum is in it's infancy and just a shotgun post, such as you have here, just might get the answer you want!
Already a familliar, and you might even say, "Heavy Hitter", has graciouslly helped a poster in reference to the 350...and that's what it's really all about!
It's all done in good faith there, and I wish that some day questions will get answered with one click! For now we go slow and get started up...
There's no competition with other forums nor badmouthing of anyone or anyone's Forums allowed! Totally counterproductive to the cause and it does no one any profit!
Please, you or anyone with a question or comment about Dianas in general, related "Customer" guns (ie. Beeman Geco, Hy-score, Millard Bros, etc, or other divergent lines, feel free to visit and throw it up there! Ya never know who may have the answer.
Thanks for the space to present my case James!
Dave Nemanic (aka ZVP)

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Bill Miller
(Login Milbo)

The Gibson Chronicles...

April 3 2002, 10:29 PM 

Todd, these don't exist that I know of, except in the AGL archives. Larry(?) Gibson used to wax adoringly about his .177 Airking(?). Reading his articles was much like going to R. Gunn's varmit page and hearing expounded versions of Randy's detailed narrative.

He praised the accuracy and especialy the rested long range abilities of the gun. Of course it's heavy, but my Kodiak is about the same and is, in spite of Russ's love oil massage, is not recoiless...gotta try one of them 54's!...Bill

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(Login lhd)

AGLF Archives

April 4 2002, 12:49 AM 

There used to be a poster named (I believe) Keith that may have archived about all the AGLF posts, and otheres of yrs gone on cd's, but I'm not certain of the details.

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(Login mreames)

LD, The guys name was Mitch! in Michigan.nt

April 4 2002, 12:19 PM 


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(Login RBest)

might be silly

April 3 2002, 11:06 PM 

but I think choosing a single airgun of limited popularity might inhibit the growth of a forum. Now a Diana forum might just attract a fair number of visitors! RB

Russell Best
BSA Owners Club

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(Login ZVP)

Tis the hope RB!

April 4 2002, 12:24 AM 

Thanks for laying the credience toward my effort!
Any time you wanna drop on by, please do!
Believe me there's more than enough questions that a guy like you could help us with! Heck, from what you have taught me about the BSA's alone, you probablly are the origonal "I wanna know more about these anyway" guy!
The door is always open for ya RB!
Dave Nemanic

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