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Daisy Powerline 717 rebuild, seals?

March 24 2003 at 11:01 AM
douglasg  (Login douglasg)

I have a old daisy 717. It leaks horribly, I pump it and I just hear a hiss as the air leaks out. I am guessing it need new seals. Anyone know where I can get seals for this gun. I have contacted Daisy and had no luck. Also is they any way I can build this gun to have more power?



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(Login t-cooper)


March 24 2003, 11:09 AM 

The Daisy is American built so seal sizes are Standard. You can get the piston seal and the other black o-rings from your local hardware store. I can't remember the exact sizes but take your old seals with you and use them to determine the sizes.
You will have to order a new valve from Daisy if the stem is damaged.
Before you do anything try to clean the valve and remove all lubes from the white stem seal.
Forget about more power. The best you can do is adjust the lever arm according to the manual. Set the gap between the arm and frame to the manual specs.

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(Login Joefg)

Re: Daisy Powerline 717 rebuild, seals?

March 24 2003, 11:16 AM 

Doug, have you also tried the adjustment for the cocking arm/compression?, that could be a possible cause for the problem. When I first got my 777 it also would not charge or hold air and it was just a matter of some fiddling with that adjustment to get thinks right. I do not think there would be any simple way to boost the power on these pistols. I am surprised that Daisy did not offer a recommendation for who might have seals for these? When I thought I had the problem with mine they had suggested I send it to them for service but I also wanted to do-it-myself. I suppose you could check with some of the airgun repair people for the parts. Try Randy Bimrose or perhaps Ron Sauls. Good luck, Joe G.

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Malachy Hackett
(Login 22MK1)

Re: Re: Daisy Powerline 717 rebuild, seals?

March 24 2003, 4:36 PM 

I haven't checked with Daisy in a long time(since they started caling them Avanti)but when I did, it didn't seem I could get anyone on the line who had ever heard of THEIR 777.

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(Login douglasg)

Thanks! I will look at it tonight!

March 24 2003, 12:29 PM 

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(Login crosman140)

I have some seals, valves and parts for it I bought some time ago

March 24 2003, 5:20 PM 

before I sold mine. Email me for what you want.

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(Login RandyBimrose)

Daisy Parts

March 25 2003, 1:44 AM 

I don't understand that at all as I just ordered those parts from them a couple of weeks ago. Valve Assey pn 717-22, Seal Kit pn 717-5 and should you need it the rear sight is 717-13.

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(Login douglasg)


March 26 2003, 10:16 AM 

Well I clean the valve and picked up some O-rings from Lowes 10 for $1.29 and the gun shots like new. It hasn't had this much power in a long time..

Thanks For all who helped!

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