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Non-lethal squirrel shooter?

February 27 2004 at 11:01 PM
garyoNC  (Login garyoNC)

We need a way to discourage squirrels from getting into bird feeders and the garden. I don't want to kill them, just give them a good reminder not to enter. I thought about a couple of different airguns gut I think they would wound and eventually kill the squirrel. I then saw some airsoft spring pistols that shoot 200fps w/ a 6mm plastic BB. Would this work? I just want to give them a good non-lethal welt, not maim or kill them. If not this, then what? Thanks.

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(Login airghost)

Squirrels aren't rocket scientists -

February 27 2004, 11:06 PM 

I've observed them coming back for more over and over like they
were masochists! I'd prefer a quick kill over torment and torture
or relocation far away.

My sister had several squirrels in her attic and insisted I not shoot
them. She made simple become very complicated! LOL


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(Login CVanMeter)

Did you see that special on Discovery Channel...

February 27 2004, 11:30 PM 

Where they set up nothing short of an obsticle course and eventualy the squirrels figured out how to get though it to the bird feeder... Perhaps you could take the hose to them, or set up a sprinkler below the feeder so you could turn it on remotely???

"If you can't find the answers your seeking, change your question"

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(Login squirrelmeat)

i too have found that they dont learn

February 27 2004, 11:11 PM 

i have tryed to scare them away with one of my gas airsoft guns which does about 300 fps and packs quite a sting and they still come back for seconds and thirds. and the only other non lethel thing i can think of would be paintball guns and i think you would give them internal bleeding from that which they would die of anyway.


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(Login varmintgetter)

what the heck, paintball them

February 27 2004, 11:19 PM 

at least you'll find out which ones keep coming back

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(Login CVanMeter)

I let a friend borrow a Paintball Gun to ward off some Geese

February 27 2004, 11:30 PM 

that kept coming up onto his back deck.. Didn't keep all of them away... but the ones that looked like they were wearing a Jerry Garcia Tie-Died T-Shirt were no doubt the repeat offenders...

"If you can't find the answers your seeking, change your question"

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(Login lhd)

Most painball guns have enough power to kill

February 28 2004, 1:20 AM 

Squirrels at real close range ... I suspect to around 10-15yds anyhow.

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(Login varmintgetter)

if is real close...aim for the splatter

February 28 2004, 1:54 AM 

by bouncing the paint on the ground. Other than that, let's hope the paint isn't that toxic if they choose to lick and clean themselves if they happen to be marked.

On a serious note, best to find one of those motion detector sprinklers...or maybe a supersoaker if you feel real generous

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(Login Trojan1994)

Pearl Onions & a Slingshot

February 27 2004, 11:42 PM 

I had a friend that used this method to keep squirrels away from his house...squirrels would make their way to the telephone pole near his house and he's smack some onions into the pole near em and get the oil in their faces...

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(Login blippo)

What I did..

February 28 2004, 12:23 AM 

I got one of those squirrel proof bird feeders. When the squirrel climbed up and try to eat the seed from the feeder,its weight would close the lid to the feeder. Works great. Now the squirrels occasionally try now and then to get the seed but never succeed. They get fustrated and leave. Also I put one of those squirrel-go-rounds on a tree a little distance from the feeder. You put corn on the cob on them and make it challenging for the squirrels to get to. They get so occupied trying to get the corn, they forget about the bird feeder.

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(Login 22MK1)

I don't know about non lethal but I sure had fun plinking unshelled peanuts

February 28 2004, 12:30 AM 

.....this afternoon after putting out sap buckets with the 631. Sure enough when those peanuts started skipping out to 35 yards past the apple tree, the grey squirrel was on it.

At that range, a hit would cause an injury but not instant death, so I scoped him and waited until he was broadside with a peanut, put the first mildot on the nut(@12x) and let a Copperhead Dome loose. It hit the peanut and it must've gone 8' out of his paws.

All the buckets are up and I'm moving the CD player and powered speakers up to the loft. I downloaded the starling call files from Patrick's side and edited enough together to play for two hours continuous. I'm going to start running it as the weather warms up so I can have some entries for Starling Busters.

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(Login Ed1955)

Go to a health food store. They have some kind of ...

February 28 2004, 12:45 AM 

powdered pepper extract that will drive them away. I read an article on it but for the life of me, can not remember what it is called. I tried Cayene powder and I think they loved it. This stuff that they sell really sends the squirrels but doesn't bother the birds. If I come up with the name of it, I will post it.

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(Login wchilton)

water balloon launcher, super soaker, or vortex cannon

February 28 2004, 1:41 AM 

Vortex Cannon

Water balloon launcher (my favorite)

Super Soaker you can get at a sporting goods or toy store.

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(Login spysir)

it wont help the garden but........URL...

February 28 2004, 7:58 AM 

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Jim Everett
(Login casinowhiskey)

I use an IZH61 repeater

February 28 2004, 8:27 AM 

as a deterrent. I aim for the upper thigh. Usually the squirrel reacts to the pellet, moves on trying to figure where the shot came from. I have time for a second or even third shot as the squirrel is driven further and further from the feeder. By then, he is madder than heck and is giving me a lot of lip but rarely comes back. I prefer this to actually putting the squirrel down but if I need to do that I prefer my RWS52 in .22 caliber.


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(Login stjobs)


February 28 2004, 9:52 AM 

If you use an Airsoft spring pistol of decent power, it's fun to shoot squirrels. They won't suffer any damage at all, but I hit one from about 15 yards (the guns are very accurate) and it leapt about 4 feet into the air, screeching and tumbling. It was pretty funny to watch, my friend and I were laughing for a good 30 minutes. I recommend trying it if you are curious to see what a squirrel will do when tapped out of nowhere, but to get rid of them just get a decent powerful airgun and shoot to kill.


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(Login charlie9g)

'non-lethal'....that's the box

February 28 2004, 10:15 AM 

think outside the box.

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(Login HABUSR71)

I agree, think outside the box.

February 28 2004, 11:26 AM 

Why do you want to use "non-lethal" methods? Is it so that you don't cause any permanent harm to the squirrel? If so, your best chance is by the catch and release method. Most of the other methods mentioned so far are potentially harmful, if not fatal to a squirrel. Anyone ever been hit in the finger with a paintball or in the eye by air soft (or flying onion) at 15 yards? (I really hope nobody here has suffered a shot to the eye from anything.) Now imagine what that does to a squirrel that is about 1/100th of your size?

IMO, leave them alone and let nature take its course, catch and release them, or shoot and eat them. Anything else has the potential for an injured squirrel to run/hobble/crawl off and either die or worse yet, live in misery.

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(Login JacoPistorias)

Kill One And Then

February 28 2004, 11:36 AM 

put his head on a stick in front of the birdfeeder. That should give the other squirrels a clear and definitive message!!!

Just Kidding...


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(Login Gun-runner)

Jaco the Impaler!

February 28 2004, 1:57 PM 

Nothing is as good as a twisted sense of humor. Good one Jaco.LOL

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