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Slavia 618

March 28 2004 at 1:27 PM
Ron  (Login Leuschen)

There is a farm auction coming up that has one of these guns in it.
What kind of speed were these rated at.
What caliber?
How is the trigger?
How accurate?
and anything else you guys can think of would be appreciated. I would like to know if it`s worth the drive to check out!

Thanks in advance.
Ron in Saskatchewan


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(Login airbuddy3)

If Its In good shape..............................

March 28 2004, 1:56 PM 

It certainly is a treasure. There was a guy on this
forum in november restoring one of these treasured rifles.His was in .22 , I believe they came in .177 also...very accurate , these slavias have hammer forged barrels and are renowned for their accuracy.
The triggers are very good , not a powerhouse by any means in .22 ~450fps .

Cheers, frank

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Don R.
(Login oldair)


March 28 2004, 3:02 PM 

It's just a 1970's kid-size break-barrel, 33.5" long, weighs 3.5 lb - though well made, I wouldn't get too excited about one of these little guns.

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(Login MDriskill)

Slavia 618

March 28 2004, 4:04 PM 

I believe the 618 model number means .177 cal, I could be wrong but I think the .22 version had a different designation (622 perhaps?).

Don is correct, the chief attraction of the 618 is simply that one rarely sees such small guns of "serious" construction these days. The little guys have only average metal finish, a simple non-adjusting trigger, basic post front and elevating-leaf rear sights, and are maybe 350 fps guns if in good shape.

These must have been imported in considerable numbers at some point in the 60's or 70's, my stepbrother had one as a kid and dearly loved it. They are pretty common denizens of the used-airgun circuit. Maybe $50 for a really nice one?

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(Login Stavrogin)

I'm the guy with the 622...

March 28 2004, 7:06 PM 

The 618 is a .177, though I can't tell you what muzzle velocity it's rated at. I know my 622 is pretty slow, but I suspect my mainspring is kinda worn, and the seals could use some work...

However, despite the slow velocity from mine, it still seems very consistent and accurate from shot to shot. The 618 will most likely have all leather seals. The 622 is a VERY small rifle, and I suspect the 618 is as well, though the 6xx series obviously includes some adult ones (630/31). I suspect it's a junior rifle.

It may also, in fact, be an antique. Hard to say. The 618 was produced sometime between '65 and '75. Nice little rifles, though. If it's in decent shape, I'd go for it.


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(Login ZVP)

Been into them a while...

March 28 2004, 10:46 PM 


 Everything that was said above pretty much covers the rifle, butlet me add a little more...

 There are many variations of the 618 and I still haven't found them all! (I now have 4 1/2, 618's).

 From what I have seen, the internals changed very little as the Model evolved. Basic single stage trigger, rolled tin rear mainspring guide, and crudelly finished, leather sealed, piston's are inside.  Recievers come in two flavors, scope grooved and non-grooved. The barrels are what make some models of these rifles shine!

 I'm probablly going out on a limb here, but it appears to me that there are two basic models, the "Standard" 618 with an un-grooved reciever, more open grained stock wood and on some models thhere is the old style CZ chamber ring (for holding "bulk" round lead shot. Popular in Europe as our Steel BB's are here) and what I loosley term as the "LUX" version. This one begins with a more denslly grained European hardwood stock (usually have nice highlights too), the reciever is grooved for the elusive and diminutitive CZ 4X scope. The BBL is  smoothly rifled all the way, breech to muzzle (obviouslly intended for pellet-only, use?).

 Internals on all models are the same, as are the mainsprings. ALL could benifit from some smoothing of the stock components, and if one had acess to, and the knowlege ofhow-to, new guides could really improve things. Trigger mechanicals operate under some pretty small safety tolerances, and good judgement dictates very minor work there. The rifles can easilly be rendered un-cockble or un-safe, from even minor metal removal here, OK? Far as  common velocitys go, a real good  condition 618 can shoot between 360 to 395fps, tho most go 320-360fps, in .177.  One of my "pet's", a  reciever sighted, well tuned and smoothed, Raven-18 Model, can group it's low velocity pellets into cloverleafs seated at 20m benchrest distance (I doubt this rifle cracks 340fps, but is it ever accurate!). More common is 1 inch at that distance with an average 618. Just today, I was ripping up on a 20 yard soda can, offhand, with a "Standard" model 618 and Crosman SuperMatches. These 618'sare real fun guns, and make ideal plinkers.!

 Apparentlly the 618 was very prolific in Canada, and can be found in good condition, at local Gun Shows for as low as $12-$15 CDN! So don't bid too high on this one. Here in the US, all these earlier CZ's were less available than elswhere, but importers such as "Precise" brought many here too.My old ZVP pistol was brought here in the 60's, so you can see the company has made many tens of thousands of various models, spread worldwide!

 The basic charge for the 618, is as a boys rifle or beginners gun, and many show the sufferages of their youthfull owners abuses. Bent bbls are common, as are damaged pistons from errant firings with the barrel not at battery. Nevertheless, many of these sturdy little CZ's are still in service all over!

 All European manufacturers built some sort of Beginner grade rifle, Diana being the most seen versions. Even here in the USA, Crosman made the wonderfull 760 pneumatic, with the same intentions in mind.

 It's strange how much all these beginner guns are alike! When one gets to collecting a number of various make beginner rifles, the  common OAL size pattern and LOP are the same, as are sight radui, trigger pulls and for the springers, basic velocitys. Somewhere there must be a  a chart... LOL!

 Lewis Reinhold of Beemans Australia carries all the seals for the small CZ's, so  re-build parts can be ordered still.



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(Login Leuschen)

Re: Been into them a while...

March 29 2004, 1:37 AM 

Wow great little history lesson!
I own a Slavia 631 which is incredibly accurate with the right pellet. I have also rejuvenated 2 model 630`s which are back in service and firing pellet quite fast.
A buddy of mine got a Slavia model 624, neat little gun, but when he got it it would barely break 200 fps. I took it apary made a new leather seal, found a spring that would work and installed it. The area where the air comes from the chamber was wore big time from the lock up (detent?) so I took abrass rod inserted it in the hole and built up the area around it with weld, then resurvaced it on my lathe with a fly cutter. The gun now fires a crosman pointed pellet at roughly 410 fps.
What can you tell me about the model 624?

Thanks for all the info!


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David Enoch
(Login DavidEnoch)

I love my Slavia 618

March 29 2004, 9:04 AM 

My 618 does 420 fps with crosman pointed pellets. Mine has a short grooved receiver. It is so short that I could not fit two mounts back to back in the groove. I have spent hours in the back yard shooting with this little springer. The trigger is kind of heavy and feels like a double action revolver. You can get the knack for it if you shoot it awhile.

David Enoch

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