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The Alamo and Charles Guatney

March 30 2004 at 11:01 PM
chasm  (Login chasm)

Fellow Airgunners,

A while back, there was a very articulate airgunner who posted eloquently here on occasion. His name was Charles Guatney (sp?). He lives in the great state of Georgia and was a pleasure to know. I think he is a retired professor, and obviously was an intellect. The reason that I bring Charles up tonight is the History Channel program re. the Alamo that just aired tonight. Charles would no doubt have salient input as to tonight's program. I wish he would re-appear here.

One of the last times I corresponded with Charles, I told him of my alternative scheme to counting sheep when I cannot sleep at night. That scheme involves my fantasized intervention at the Alamo siege with some modern technology. I imagine how a few canisters of CS or tear gas would have impacted the outcome in San Antonio. Or perhaps a few scoped model 70's. What usually puts me to sleep on those restless nights, is imagining what I would pull out of my gun closet, if I were able to do a time warp, and come to the aide of the Alamo defenders. I usually limit my time warp transfer fantasy, to one trunk full. Suffice to say, this is more fun than counting sheep, but of course were one to have somehow rescued the Alamo defenders, the course of history would have been changed, and Sam Houston wouldn't have needed to win at San Jacinto.

chasm (5th generation Texan)

P.S. Maybe my nutty fantasy drove Charles away. That and the fact that I didn't advocate any airguns for the Alamo defenders. cm

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Pete A.
(Login 177fan)

Chasm I was thinking that a small number of....

March 31 2004, 12:15 AM 

M1A1's, say 25 in the right hands would have totally changed that event. Accurate longrange firepower, utterly dependable, and fine choice when at close range too..

If you had night vision scopes on say 2 of these with same qty of today's $40 walkie talkie sets the whole battle might have been avoided. 2 Scout/sniper teams could have stopped Santa Anna back on the Nueches or better yet at the crossing on the Rio Grande.

But then again the Texas Rangers did unbeliveable things with just 2 Colt Walkers each. Their justice was sure and swift. Not always just but always sure and swift!

Pete A.

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(Login DFWKen)

I watched that special this evening, Charlie

March 31 2004, 12:37 AM 

It was on while I worked on web pages. (I've learned a new skill).

I was surprised to know that Travis was only 26 years old. He was one of the first killed when the Mexicans breeched the walls. His slave got away, I think.

26 and he was in command!

Quite interesting. Heheh, I still consider Fes Parker one of my heroes. It's been at least 40 years since I've seen the Disney Alamo movie.

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(Login rkmitchell)

Chasm, you ever read any books by Harry Turtledove?

March 31 2004, 10:56 AM 

He writes alternate military sci-fi and covers a lot of "what-if" scenarios in his writing. Pretty interesting reading. He has several, but I've only browsed through one that I can remember.



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