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Benjamin HB17 vs Crosman 1377

April 12 2004 at 11:34 AM
airsnyper  (Login airsnyper)

Which one is the better gun? What is the FPE of each gun. I see that the HB17 has 520fps and the 1377 has 595fps. Can someone tell me if this is correct or is it too optimistic? What kind of pellets work with these pistols and at what range you can hunt squirrels with them? 25 yards?

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Steve in NC
(Login pneuguy)

That MV value for the 1377 is realistic. Here's what I got...

April 12 2004, 11:56 AM 

1377c (stock).
MVs -- (shooting 7.9gr Copperhead semi-pointeds)

2 pumps = 306fps = 1.6fpe
4 pumps = 419fps = 3.1fpe
5 pumps = 460fps = 3.7fpe
6 pumps = 479fps = 4.0fpe
8 pumps = 525fps = 4.8fpe
10 pumps = 552fps = 5.3fpe

Nevertheless, this is less energy than I personally would want to take squirrel hunting.


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(Login airghost)

The Crosman is about an inch longer, easier pumping -

April 12 2004, 11:59 AM 

although I find the pumping easy enough on the Benjamins
and Sheridans - and the Crosman has a bit more power -
at least in .177 but in .22 I think it is often a tose up depending
on the particular guns.

At 10 pumps max a Benji 'pumper' .177 in good shape can
get low 500s with the lightest pellets. The Crosman maybe
mid 500s give or take. In .22 the Benji can get 470ish on
10 using 14ish gr. pellets and the Crosman about the same
give or take a few.

More mods can be done to the Crosman to enhance looks,
reliabilty, performance, etc. The Benji/Sheridans are already
sturdy, reliable, about ready to go ( better grips, trigger job
and improved rear sight are recommended ).

Well placed shots on maximum power will/can drop a
squirrel out to 25 yds. but I suggest getting closer. Also
go for the .20 or .22. A solid head shot with CPs, FTS, JSB Es
would most likely deliver a "pop and drop".

I personally am waiting on someone to come up with a
at least 10 FPE 'pumper' pistol. I want some decent 'juice'
if I'm going to excercise


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(Login airsnyper)

Are these guns about 5 FPE?

April 12 2004, 1:33 PM 

I did not know crossman made a pumper .22 cal pistol? I couldn't find it in the pyramyd air website.

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(Login airghost)

Crosman dropped the .22 'pumper' pistol/mini-carbine ( 1322, 1389 )

April 12 2004, 3:03 PM 

The Benjis and Crosmans will do 5-6 FPE in .177 and up to just over
7 FPE in .22.


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(Login airbuddy3)

They still make the 2289 carbine or pistol ...tuned it can...

April 12 2004, 9:45 PM 

exceed 10 fpe.Not bad for a 3 lb carbine.

cheers, frank.

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(Login airghost)

Do you mean 2250?

April 12 2004, 10:31 PM 

Where can one buy new Cr 2289s?


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(Login airghost)

Do you know someone that has a Cr 2289 'pumper' that does 10 FPE?

April 12 2004, 10:37 PM 

A Crosman Premier .22 ( 14.3 gr. ) requires an MV of 560 fps to reach 10 FPE.


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