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Does anybody know anything about Lee pellet guns¿?¿?

June 30 2004 at 1:57 AM
  (Login yuri5055)

I just bought this Lee pellet gun and its pretty old but its never been used. It don't even have a name on the box it just says Lee air rifle and the manual don't tell you jack **** about it so I just wanted to know some info about it or the company. Thanks.

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(Login Marksmen2)

We need to see some pictures to identify it or

June 30 2004, 5:08 AM 

at lease a good discription. I have never heard of a lee pellet gun but then I don't know everything. Some body may well reconise it especually from a decent photo

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(Login ekmeister)

Lee Airguns

June 30 2004, 5:46 AM 

Every Lee airgun I have ever seen is an alternate packaged version of the same Chinese airguns that importers like Compasseco sells. Fun Supply may carry one or two of the very highest end models also sold under the Lee brand, but that's it. All the others can probably be found among Compasseco's inventory as lower end airguns. It it still shoots and you enjoy it, don't worry about any of that.

We have a discount tool house here in Houston that carries the guns with the name "Lee" on the green box label. They also sell many tools from China, tagged with the same name on the package.



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