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Sheridan HB17 vs. Crosman 1377c

December 15 2005 at 11:39 PM
Russ  (Login Guru1atl)

Trying to figure out which of these two should find it's way into my collection next. Not thrilled with the plastic on the 1377c but I hear that the bolt is a bit loose on the HB17. Seems they have the same potential for accuracy and velocity is also close so I guess it comes down to personal preference. Anyone care to add any pros and cons or personal experiences before I part company with some cabbage?


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(Login chevell)

HB and 13XX

December 15 2005, 11:47 PM 

I have both of those pistols the HB and 1322.They are both at least twenty five years old and still work.I would say I like the more expensive workmanship of the hb but the crosman has much more potential as a harder hitting and accurate gun.I'm currently doing all the best mods on the 1322 with plenty of after market parts and a scope.The HB has been polished down to the brass and wood grips were made for it to replace the plastic they used back in the 70's.

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(Login airghoul)

There are lots of mods and custom parts....

December 15 2005, 11:50 PM 

available for the Crosman - including breech/bolt/barrel. The Crosman is easier to pump, a bit more powerful
out of the box, better trigger out of the box. Also the Crosman costs half or less than a Benjamin. Various
custom wood grips are available for the Crosman - pump handles and shoulder stocks too.


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James Mills
(Login jamesmills)

Soft spot for Benjamin/Sheridan

December 15 2005, 11:51 PM 

I have an HB17 that I bought because I wasn't crazy about the fit and finish if the Crosman. In retrospect, I have now come to find out that the Crosman is far more versatile and can be easily modified. That being said, I do like the HB17 and find it to be accurate and powerful. My primary complaint is that it's tough to pump up with such a short lever. I have not tried the 1377, so I'm not sure how it compares effort-wise. I do like to look of the Sheridan and it's certainy accurate enough, but I rarely shoot it when I have a ready collection of tempests, BSA 240s and a P2. The HB17 takes so much effort. I think I might have been better off with an HW45/P1, since I was seeking power. I really like the low effort of springers and single stroke pneumatics.

My $0.02 worth.

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(Login badbs101)

Ditto....My HB 20 was so hard to pump it gave me finger cramps.

December 16 2005, 10:28 AM 

It was loud too. Fit and finish is superior to the 1377. Great piece but not a lot of fun to plink for a long time with.



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(Login Ramrod48)

2 cents

December 16 2005, 8:54 AM 

the benjamin is more accurate out of the box. much better quality, right about harder to pump, harder to modify but less necessary. gun is shorter and better balanced so easier to holster caryy

crosman more mods, cheaper but needs work in most cases to come up to the accuracy of ben. power is there already

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(Login wcsg)

Sheridans were on closeout

December 16 2005, 9:24 AM 

at Gander Mnt. $60. I was tempted, but I have been swearing off the multi pumps. Done springer spoiled.

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(Login 22MK1)

Well for starters, you'll never get a trigger on the HB like you can have on a 1377

December 16 2005, 12:45 PM 

There's either Steve/Charlie's sear or another mod to a roller trigger. The plastic's only a problem if your'e not going to put wood on it. Although it is wood, the grips on the HB certainly aren't anything to brag about. The good thing at least is that somebody makes some nice Sheridan gaips.

Maybe you can be a pioneer and mod an HB but you're stuck with the barrel, while there's all kinds of breeches and barrels you can put on a 13xx.

I had an EB 17 for awhile(swapped it for a NIB 630). It's like a CO2 version of the Temest. Great little gun to toy with because of it's heft, relatively powerful, solid feel, and compact size but didn't get shot much with the MK 1 and 2, P-3, 777, and 2240 around to shoot instead. All of them can shoot circles around it and even the MK 1 and 2240 shoot have has more punch. It has a little more on than the MK 2 on high power but it's a moot point because you can't hit anything any farther away with it.

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(Login Guru1atl)

Thanks for all of the input guys...

December 16 2005, 7:16 PM 

you confirmed what I had suspected which was that the Crosman will probably have more potential and end up being easier to use.


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