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Top 5 airguns you have owned?

December 26 2006 at 8:41 PM

william  (Login williamN)

Out of the airguns you have owned what would your top five ( you don't have to stop at five ) be in order of preference?

1) FX Tarantula .177

2) Logun Domin8or .22

3) FX Cyclone .22

4) IZH-46M

5) AA S400 Classic ( have owned the xtra and carbine but liked the classic much better )

I have owned a bunch of springers but think they pretty much suck

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(Login sinper9)

I would have to say

December 26 2006, 9:02 PM 

(1) 457 DAQ

(2) Sam Yang  909 in 22 cal

(3) Sam Yang 909 in 45 cal

(4) Career 707 western 22 cal

(5) career fire 201 in 9mm

(6) Farco airshotgun in 25 cal

( 7) big bore bob  mariner pistol in 505 cal.

Check out my blog at http://sniper99adventures.sniper99.com/

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(Login pedroag)

Now that is an eclectic list. n/t

December 26 2006, 9:12 PM 


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(Login jangus13)

top 5

December 26 2006, 9:47 PM 

1) FX Tarantula .22

2) AA Pro Elite .22

3) R7

4) Walther LGR

5) R1 .22

# 1 is great for any task, hunting, plinking, target shooting, whatever, it will do it. The other .22's are lots of fun for hunting, but both are big, heavy and difficult to cock for lots of plinking. The R7 comes out whenever the wife or the nephews or just about anyone wants to shoot. The LGR is great for indoor target shooting.

John Lowery

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(Login OklahomaBill)

Re: top 5

December 26 2006, 9:54 PM 

1. Beeman R7
2. HW77
3. Walther LGV Spezial
4. FWB 300s
5. Beeman R9

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(Login wcsg)

top 5 for fun

December 26 2006, 10:08 PM 

My best rifle over all was the 410e. Great trigger. Incredible accuracy. But PCP's are not pellet guns ;0 So...
For a day of airgun fun my line up would be.
HW30 AW .22
Areon B96
Slavia 622
Beeman Bearcub (Webley Vulcan on steriods).
When I want to shoot powder velocities I shoot stuff that costs alot less for equal quality than what PCP's do.

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(Login Stealth_Warrior)

My choices

December 26 2006, 10:10 PM 

I don't know if I've had 5 but I'll just through in my last couple that I've shot.

1) RWS 94 .22 caliber (my champ!)
2) Crosman 2289 (good little gun)
3) Remington Genesis (back up springer, but not too bad at all)
4) DAQ LightSporter (Eric's only small bore LOL! I love this gun though)
5) Bill from OKs R7 and his R9 they were both extremely accurate and fun to shoot....I'll always remeber popping a couple ballons at 140yds with the R9.. Thanks Bill for sharing your guns and you hospitality.

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(Login RBest)

(snicker) with so many good ones

December 26 2006, 10:20 PM 

it's hard to narrow it down to five, but I'll take a shot at it.
1> Whiscombe JW-80FB
2> FWB 300S
3> BSA Hornet (rifle- not carbine)
4> FX Timberwolf
5> AA TX200 prepped for FT.
a few honorable mentions- because I couldn't resist:
Mac-1 QB-22 with the full monty of Mac-1 goodies/enhancements.
My own tuned R-9's in .177, .20 and .22. These guns never fail to please.
BSA Spitfire in .22... this one shoots alongside match rifles. It was tweaked by Adrian at Stalker Airguns and is one serious shooter.
BSA Lightning XL. I'm likin' this puppy. Short, handy and pure business.
AA S200 B... pretty accurate and fun to shoot
Falcon FN-19 w/ walnut skeleton stock.
Regards, Russ

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(Login kodiak25)

Re: Top 5 airguns you have owned?

December 26 2006, 10:21 PM 

1. R1 .22, .020, .177
2. Crow magnum .25
3. R7 .177
4. Kodiak .22, .25
5. FWB 601

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(Login under500fps)

Re: Top 5 airguns you have owned?

December 26 2006, 10:27 PM 

(1) Daisy Avanti 853c .177
(2) Norica Quick .22
(3) Beeman 1041/1040 .177
(4) Hatsan CR60 .22
(5) Gamo Compact .177

Here is my under 500 fps airgun collection:

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Scott in CO
(Login scottdecapio)

Top 5....

December 26 2006, 10:40 PM 

1. Daystate MK3 .177

2. FX Cyclone .22

3. Steyr ZM LG100

4. Steyr LP50

5. R-7 Russ B tuned and Dave G stocked


Scott in CO

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(Login williamN)

That Daystate looks awesome!!! nt

December 27 2006, 6:24 AM 


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(Login AirCajun)

Top 12 for me.

December 26 2006, 10:50 PM 

In order of best accuracy.......

RWS 46
RWS 94
RWS 350M
RWS 24
RWS 93
Beeman R7
RWS 300R
RM 377
Quest 1000
Daisy 747
Beeman P3
TF 97

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(Login badbs102)

Re: Top 5 airguns you have owned?

December 26 2006, 11:08 PM 

*1.Air Arms 400 erb .177 (Accurate and powerful)

*2.Benjamin Pumper .177 (Rock solid transition years model. This is a no nonsense, low maintenance [read: no rust to worry about] gun and I like it very much for that reason.)

*3.Beeman P3 .177 (tried several pistols and this one is my favorite)

*4. RWS 24 in .22 (simply my favorite open or peep-sight rifle to plink with)

*5. Slavia 634 .177 (great open-sight all-arounder; ample power to hunt, smooth firing cycle and easier to carry/point than the longer less powerful 631)

These are the five I've kept so they must be my favorites.

*Honorable mention: Daisy 853 (accurate and quiet, a blast to plink with)

Looking forward to getting a Weihrauch AW HW30s in .177 soon and I'm sure it will make the list too. It should have the great plinking characteristics of the RWS 24 but unlike the droop laden RWS 24, be easily scopeable. The AW (All Weather) stainless should prove to be a low maintenance finish. It may bump my RWS 24 off my top 5 list!?



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(Login Husker22)

My 2 Cents Worth:

December 26 2006, 11:28 PM 

1. (tie) Bestuned Air Arms TX-200 (.22). This gun is butter smooth and a sheer joy to shoot. Very nice squirrel gun and nice looking too.

1. (tie) Jan Kraner tuned Air Arms Pro Elite (.22). This gun behaves very well for its power level and is a terrific hunting gun.

3. Beeman P3 pistol (.177). I've got a red dot on this pistol and it's just way too easy to hit what I'm aiming at with this combo.

4. Bestuned FWB 124D (.177). This gun is very light and easy to carry around. I've been impressed with it so far.

5. Crosman 600 Pistol (.22). This semi-auto is a lot of fun to shoot because the .22 caliber really makes the cans dance.

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(Login paperpuncher)

Here's mine

December 26 2006, 11:38 PM 

R9 Two of them, .177 and .22 Versatility to the max
HW77 Old style Fast and accurate
R7 Sweet if treated well, it's not a magnum
Webley Tempest It won't break and if I hit something it is a big cause of excitement.
I have and have had several others but these are the ones I keep and would have to replace if lost or stolen.
I am soon going to own a Walther LGV so I may have a sixth to add to the best five


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(Login CO2AGman)

HW97Laminated 22 caliber, RWS 94 in 22,Webley Tomohawk in...

December 26 2006, 11:45 PM 

25 caliber,Shark 22 pump repeater ,Chinese B19 in 22..

Don in Ohio

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(Login sgtjohn_1)

My top 5...

December 26 2006, 11:45 PM 

are all springers...

Fwb 124
Fwb 127
Fwb 121

Hw 30


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(Login GTBlackwell)

Well I am old ans so are my guns!!!LOL

December 26 2006, 11:46 PM 

LGV Spezial Jr
Hw 55 M DT
LG 55 T DT
LGV Spezial Tyrolean

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(Login photo22)

My choices

December 27 2006, 12:08 AM 

1> HW97
2> MA1322
3> MA2240
4> Norica 56
5> S1K (working on getting this one better)

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(Login Mad5757)

That's easy

December 27 2006, 12:18 AM 

1. Air Wolf
2. Daystate Prestige
3. Longbow
4. FX SuperSwift
5. Rapid MKII

All in .22

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(Login jcnesqmba)

Some springer some PCP.

December 27 2006, 2:00 AM 

1) RWS 94 .22
2) Webley Longbow .177
3) BSA Lightening
4) Gamo Shadowmatic
5) Slavia 631

1) AA-410 E .22- I shot my friends and mine is on the way. Bad azz.
2) Mac 1 B-50 .177
3) Talon SS. 22- So veritle and more rails than you know what to mount. Super silent and very powerful with a few mods.
4) Career 707II .25 - Power and accuracy in one.
5) Sumatra Carbine .22- short and accurate power.

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(Login airgunner467)


December 27 2006, 2:37 AM 

1. HW97
2. B30 in .22
3. R1 in .20
4. RWS 46
5. RWS 94

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(Login JohnnySweden)

My take..

December 27 2006, 2:51 AM 

1) BSA Ultra .22 - right size, right performance
2) FX Airguns Cyclone .22 - everything one wants from a PCP
3) FX Airguns FX2000 .22 - dead accurate, a modern classic
4) Weihrauch HW30S .177 - so fun to shoot, so accurate
5) RWS Diana 52 .22 - best big springer around

BSA Ultra .22 - Leupold 3-9x33 EFR
Ruger 10-22 .22LR - Leupold 4x28 RF

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(Login williamN)

I am suprised the Typhoon didn't make your list?

December 27 2006, 6:23 AM 

You seemed to be so fond of it for the last 1 1/2 years.

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(Login birdofallwinds)


December 27 2006, 10:16 AM 

Thats right! i bought mine cuz of you! LOL i notticed this lists are mostly expensive guns. the typhoon must be on the Top unexpensive list.

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(Login JohnnySweden)

The Typhoon...

December 27 2006, 12:18 PM 

Not, the Typhoon dident make it..

Its really a nice rifle but it does have some quality issues and I cant say its a better rifle the more expensive Cyclone.

The FX2000 is also a diffrent breed, with a fit and finish far ahead of the budget Typhoon.

The Ultra from BSA is a rifle that really suits me and its the model I like best based upon my own personal preferences.

Then there are two "slots" left and those must be for springers...*LOL*

I still have my Typhoon but its in pieces right now with some parts sent to FX for a total makeover..

BSA Ultra .22 - Leupold 3-9x33 EFR
Ruger 10-22 .22LR - Leupold 4x28 RF

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(Login rj222)

My Top 5 airguns

December 27 2006, 3:04 AM 

Whiscombe 60
Tx 200 SR w/CS1000 Stock
Tx200 Mark II
Falcon TR19 Walnut

TX200 HC
HW77 w/Venom Stock
Saver 7000 (thanks Russ)
Saver 303
Park 91
Sheridan Super Grade

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(Login paridon1958)

Top 5 guns

December 27 2006, 4:05 AM 

1) Sam Yang 909 266 fpe
2) Shin Sung Dragon .50 180 fpe
3) Shin Sung III 300 .22 83 fpe
4) Shin Sung Fire 201
5) Bam X 51

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(Login eureeka)

That's easy

December 27 2006, 4:06 AM 

Take the same number of sheets of paper as airguns I own, write a different one on each sheet of paper and put them all in a hat. Shake well.

Whichever five come up, works for the moment.

I like em all


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(Login HansSachs)

Top (only) 5

December 27 2006, 7:11 AM 

Being pretty new to the pleasures of airguns, I can just barely list 5 but here's what I've got in some sort of order:

AA 410ERB (My first PCP, all of 1/2 yr old now)
Mountain Air MA1320 (This thing's a pleasure to shoot, especially as a carbine with a stock)
AF TalonSS (Just got it, so far so good and it looks great with my AR15)
B26 (My first air rifle, predates the 410 by only a couple of months)

The only way I can get to 5 is to add my Diana 5G pistol which I just sold. I'd used this gun off and on for quite a few years.

My major issue is what to get next. Maybe something like a Lighthunter.

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(Login tallsaul)

For me of what I own...

December 27 2006, 7:31 AM 

I have to say
fwb 124
hw 50m my first from ARH many moon ago
tx200 MARK III
FWB 601
IZZY 46 m

all in .177

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(Login williamN)

I know I said springers suck

December 27 2006, 7:36 AM 

but I do miss my FWB124 and TX200.

I bet that FWB 601 would be a deadly bird feeder sniper rifle for those unwanted starlings and house sparrows

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(Login Oldnugly)

Top 5 - all old

December 27 2006, 7:58 AM 

Winchester 333 (Diana 65)favorite shooter
FWB 124 - Excellent pest eliminator,accurate,reliable
Walther LG55 Tyrolean-just got it, cant stop shooting it
Daisy/FWB 300-One holer, a little heavy for me
FAS AP604-Sweet little pistol

I could sell everything else and be happy with these. Probably wont happen:-))

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(Login DJNA)

My top 5.

December 27 2006, 9:31 AM 

1. Air Arms 410erb in .22, left hand stock & action. Best gun I've used out of the box, did'nt have to do anything to it.

2. AZ tuned Falcon FN19 single shot in .22 with left hand stock and action. AZ made this gun awsome.

3.RWS94 in .177, just because it was my 1st springer, and one of the guns I shot the most. I really enjoyed this gun, one of the best purchases I've made.

4.Sheridan CB9 in .20cal. Its my only 20cal. and one of my oldest guns, its my never fail gun.

5.Marksman 2004 pistol. I plink alot with it, I never had a problem with it and its just fun to shoot.

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(Login williamN)

How many shots from full with the FN19, velocity spread and

December 27 2006, 9:39 AM 

at what fpe?

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(Login DJNA)

Its set up like this.

December 27 2006, 10:04 AM 

I fill at 200bar and get 936 at the 1st shot to 920 at the 20th shot with 16 grain JSB Diablos. I can shoot another 10 good shots before I top off, so I get 30 good shots for hunting, I don't use this gun for Targets primarly for rabbits or starlings. I also had the Trigger tuned very light, and it was made whisper quite to, I have a picture of it on Lamar's airgun picture site, under under david1376 http://www.flickr.com/photos/2906824@n00/88038036/in/pool-airguns .

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Bob in WV
(Login duhuh)

My top 5

December 27 2006, 9:43 AM 

Daystate Harrier X2 Sports for accuracy
R7 .20 cal. for accuracy and sheer fun
CZ 630 for simple pleasure
RWS 24 .22 cal. really makes a loud clank on tin cans
Sheridan C9 pumpers I just can't resist the older ones

Bob in WV

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(Login williamN)

If my list was just a little longer

December 27 2006, 10:38 AM 

the Sheridan would have been on it.

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(Login WobblesAlot)

Well, do you still own any springers?

December 27 2006, 9:45 AM 

If so, you could always send them to me. I prefer springers, and would be glad to take them off your
hands. Might even be willing to pay shipping for you.

That way I would have more than 5 guns, and could join this thread with a list of my own.

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(Login williamN)

no springers here anymore

December 27 2006, 10:40 AM 

but a TX200, Evolution or tuned R9 might mke it way to my gun cabinet.

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(Login echochap)

For me, in no particular order

December 27 2006, 9:52 AM 

1.DAQ .457
2.Beeman C1
3.Prairie Falcon .22
4.Beeman R1
5.dragonslayer .50

The DAQ .457 is the greatest big game airgun ever built in my view. The C1 and R1 are my all time favorite springers that I've hunted with for over 20 years, the C1 is the perfect small game gun being fast to shoulder and dead accurate in my hands. The R1 is a real handful of gun, but very powerful and very accurate.... it is what a speing piston airgun should be in my view. The Falcon is a gun I fell in love with while doing a review and purchased rather than giving up when it was time to return it.... I can't miss with this gun and have hunted a lot with it. The Dragonslayer is another recent favorite, a big bore tack driver that I really like shooting. I've used it for everything from squirrel to boar.But there are so many more that I really like, it would probably be less arbitrary (and easier) to list my favorite thirty guns.


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(Login JPOkal)

The ones I find in my hands most often are...

December 27 2006, 10:03 AM 


The Crosman 700
Crosman 160
Beeman R7
Crosman 2250 with added tuned doohickeys
Sterling (the .22 underlever done by Sheridan for a time in the 80's)

The rest get some rotation, but these are the ones most often out of the safes.


Crosman 357. Cheap plinkers, but fun to shoot
Crosman 38T
Daisy 747
Marksman 2004

I note that all but the IZH are cheap guns, but they show up in my hands much more often than the expensive pistols.

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Rick C
(Login rcashen)

Tough choices

December 27 2006, 10:11 AM 

1. Venom Tomahawk
2. R7
3. QB79T (Mac 1 tune)
4. 2250 Custom (Built by me)
5. FWB 124

1. P1
2. IZH46M
3. S&W 78g (adj trigger)
4. 38T (1st var)
5. b96/b95


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(Login goucho)

Top 5

December 27 2006, 11:02 AM 

Hi All
My favorites in order. To make this list each must hit 10/10 paintballs at 40 yds rested. Except I have not tried the 10M guns >30 yds.

R9TK Buttoned piston, Maccarri stock. shoots Exacts at 860-870

TX200 MK3 Maccarri tuned custom bronze guides,custom seal, piston rings
etc etc JSB exacts at 850 fps

Diana 75 TO1 great trigger stable shot cycle like it better than FWB 300S
as a shooter, but the FWB is better looking. Jsb's 8,4 gr at 640 fps

AA410E Tuned by me shoots >50 shots at 810 fps 15.9 gr exacts within 15 FPS
spread. 10/10 paintballs at 50 yds no problem

HW 30S Maccarri tune kit installed by me with slightly increased tophat
weight of 25 grams. Shoots 8.4 gr JSBs at 620fps Shoots with the
10M stuff though more hold sensitive than Diana75 or FWB300S

Current crop includes: early Carreer 707 Mac1 style

PE Maccarri custom kitted. 810 fps Exact15.9 gr

Diana 48 Maccarri Apex seal and Heavy GSI kit .177

FWB 127 with extra .177 barrell Maccarri kit

BSA lightning Tuned by me custom guides tophat .22

FWB 300 s rebuilt by lewis in OZ

steroid sheridan .20 and b/s 392

Benjamin franklin, Mac1 rebuild too old for steroid

Crossman 2289 tuned by me custom pump parts.

Webley Victor .177 tuned by me custom guides
maccarri spring trigger work. .177

Since I am so sick(addicted) I am thinking of thinning the herd and keeping only the R9TK, both 10 Meter rifles and buying an Air wolf. The number of issues with the Daystate stuff recently on the forum, makes me nervous to pull the trigger on that deal, right now.
My problem is that my right hand is very numb from bad carpal tunnel compounded by raynaud's phenomenon ( vibration induced White finger) and despite surgery the numbness persists.

Shooting springers with their vibrations and two way recoil is worsening the situation. So the TK the recoiless springers and an airwolf only in my collection may get me away from shooting the TX, PE, 48, FWB127, BSA, Webley,and the pumpers. All of them make it worse and I love shooting them all.

Best of the season to you all.

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(Login dougotis)

top 5 airguns I have owned

December 27 2006, 1:07 PM 

My top five list would be
Diana 75 (OI have a match model and a Universal)
Weihrauch 55MM
Air Arms TX 200
Weihrauch 50

My top five would be
Diana 75 ( I have the match model and Universal)
Weihrauch 55 MM
Diana 50 underlever
Air Arms TX 200
Crosman MK II long tom 15 inch Walther barrel.
Pardini K60
Doug Law

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(Login Hmeister)

Top 5

December 27 2006, 2:39 PM 

1) R9 in .22 cal. The stars must have been lined-up perfectly when this gun was put together, because it is simply a consistant 1 holer out of the box.
2)R9 in .177 cal This is a shooter also, tuned and am just putting the final touches on a new piece of wood for it( Maccarri Tyro grade 3)
3)Sharp Ace Hunter in .22 cal. Adjust power to the shooting you need and is super accurate at all levels of power.Peep sights are one of the best if not thee best open sights I've ever used for hunting,plinking. Awesome plinker at 3-4 pumps.
4)LD 12 inch venom shrouded pistol. This is the one that goes with me when I travel. Easy to pack, and once again, very accurate.
5) This spot is a toss- up and am leaving it open for future consideration,guess I'll just have to go and shoot some more to decide. Thanks, Happy Holidays.Hmeister

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(Login stovers22)

Top 5

December 27 2006, 5:03 PM 

1. Fx Ultimate
2. Air Arms 410E
3. FX Tarantula
4. Daystate PH6
5. FX Timberwolf

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(Login apshooter)

Re: Top 5 airguns you have owned?

December 27 2006, 3:46 PM 

1. IZH46M
2. Morini 162EI
3. Logun Solo
4. Steyr LP50
5. Don't know. Others I own: Air Arms TDR, Beeman P1, P3, Airforce Talon

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(Login 9mmFlobert)

Top 5

December 27 2006, 4:36 PM 

Diana 27 .177
Diana 25 .177
Diana 350 .22
Weihrauch 97k .177
Weihrauch 77K .25

These are the airguns I have most fun with, and fun is why I shoot airguns. I am also involved in "serious" competition, but this is with firearms.
Airguns = fun, plus they hone my shooting skills and can be shot at places were firearms would be impossible.

A day shooting with my 350 or my "lowly" Diana 25 can bring me as much joy (or more) than a day with a "best quality" Walther target rifle or a Colt Python.

Kind regards and have a truly wonderful (and pelletful) 2007 !


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(Login HookEm)

I don't own many...

December 27 2006, 7:04 PM 

So my choices are limited to:
JW-70 MkII
R8 (Williams peep-sight)
R1 .20
In no perticualar order of preference... they're all fun to shoot.


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(Login mjfa)

my top 5

December 27 2006, 8:50 PM 

Anschütz 9003 Premium
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Steyr LG110 FT
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Air Arms EV²
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Weihraich HW100S

Theoben Rapid MFR
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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All my top five are springers, of course...

December 28 2006, 12:04 PM 

1. FWB 127

2. FWB 124

3. Walther LG55T

4. Diana 60

5. HW 45 (.177)

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