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December 30 2006 at 10:28 PM

Snake  (Login ssssSnake)

Thissssssss one came today. Goessssssss with my Burgo rifle.



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Steve in CT
(Premier Login q1q)

Cool how is it shooting? nt

December 30 2006, 10:29 PM 


Yellow Forums Owner

"Evil happens when good people do nothing""

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(Login Oldnugly)

Slavia ZVP?

December 30 2006, 10:58 PM 

Did Burgo contract these from CZ?

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(Login arathol1)

looks more like the

December 30 2006, 11:22 PM 

BSF S20 pistol. The Burgo name was used on BSF then later on HW guns after Weihrauch aquired BSF.

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(Login MDriskill)

Burgo, etc.

December 31 2006, 7:18 AM 

Dave, a minor correction, the "Burgo" name was used on HW guns many years before HW acquired BSF. Burgo was the trade name of a large distributor, just like Beeman or RWS they handled many makes of guns over the years, including some of the very earliest Weihrauch airguns from the mid-1950's.

This is a Burgo-branded HW 50 from the early 1960's. Note the buttplate and checkered grip, which are upgrade details seldom seen under HW's own label.

The pistol above was indeed a BSF, though. Here is an early BSF S20 "Match" version, note the improved adjustable rear sight. This gun was an interesting design--it uses the same action as the little BSF model 30 junior rifle, with a short tapered barrel and suitably "bullpupped" trigger layout.

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(Login ZVP)

Dat's no ZVP!

January 13 2007, 4:22 AM 


 SHAME on you!

 That is INDEED an S-20 variation.  (Just funnin!)

 The ZVP looks similar, but is way more "Agricurtial". The sights are semi-fixed (Hammer-tap  both F/R for windage...) and the Rear elevates via a setscrew. The Velocity of the ZVP hovers between 370 and 410 depending on mainspring and seal condition. (Mine, with a fresh Slavia TEX Model-3 mainspring does 400+ with Hobbies).
The ZVP is quite a bit smoother functioning due to the lower power level and is capable of suprising preformance at 25 yards in spite of the more rudimentary sights. The CZ ZVP's Luger-like Wooden gripframe like the S-20, fcomfortablly fits nearly all hands and balances well.

 The  BSF S-20 has an adjustable trigger (acessed with a setscrew at the piston's Breech/endcap and the BSF barrel is slightlly longer. The BSF sights are very well made and actually finelly adjustable considering the period in which the Pistol was manufactured. It's power level usually approached 450fps (In .177, I don't know if any .22 caliber was ever made?). Due to the higher power cocking was harder and firing manners were more pronounced than it's Czech compeditor.

 Both Pistols shared the marketplace initally, but the S-20 outlived the ZVP. CZ opted to refine the ZVP and morphed it into the TEX Models. Production of the CZ TEX ceased with the Model-3. The Factory refused to further modify the design to include a Manual Safety and the CZ's importation here to the USA ended when stockpiles of the model ran out.

 The fate of the S-20 was far different. It's demise occured with the aquisitions, absourbtions, and the sale of  BSF lines to it's Geaman compeditor. The very Accurate, dependable, and powerfull S-20 Pistol  likewise dissapeared as inventories were sold off. As evidenced above, there ARE a number still popping up on the used market from time to time.

 Do shoot and enjoy this fine old pistol of yours!

 Your old buddy,

 ZVP ( aka: Dave N.)

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