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crosman Model 101 50% condition

January 28 2007 at 4:41 PM
  (Login oldpump)

Does anybody know if the refinishing Of an old air rifle that the paint
is in very poor condition lower the value even more than it would
if it was not repainted at all? Greg

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got pics ? ,

January 28 2007, 5:23 PM 

And have you been to the Crosman forum?
Your 101 likely isnt a really high dollar airgun (?). Check the price of a "mint" one, then check whatever the most common "good" condition price is.
Does it fire? Do you like it? Ever want to re finish one but havent? Perhaps you could just have some fun working on it, the worst that could come is the value remains the (50%) same.?.
This one had the worst wood you have ever seen before I decided to go ahead and have fun with a $50-100.00 airgun.

Were I set up for powder coat I likely would have done that also. A forum member made a us a very thoughtful trade for this one.

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(Login airbuff)

Greg, the 101's can be great guns when fixed up

January 28 2007, 5:34 PM 

If you don't have much money in it and its all there, then it might be worthwhile to have it rebuilt/hotrodded.
A number of Crosman repair shops will be able to get it up and shooting well for not alot of money. Dave Gunter will "blueprint" one using modern seal materials for about $100.00 or so, as will several others as well.
They can sure be an enjoyable/accurate gun when finished.
Rebuilding it yourself is not out of the question but I tend to like to let folks that have the day in/day out experience do the special guns.
Rob Prosio

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Restoration only increases value for use

January 29 2007, 6:14 AM 

I'm not saying redoing a 101 is a crime. There are a pile of them around. A fairly clean origional I would most certainly leave alone.
I went through this same delema many times. My Walther 55. Was the toughist desision. It had served in the Egyptian army for years. It was a mess on the outside.The gun had earned every mark. Every mark was a story. Frankly, it looked like the guys were keeping track of bird kills with knife. Hash marks everywhere in the stock. The checkering had been sweated down to flat.
Internally, it was a Rolls Royce.
Before I got it Paul Watts had converted some R7 parts and mixed it with his Voodoo to make a smooth shooter.
So, I decided the stock was so toast. And, while it had a pile of stories, I didn't know them. I had to make the outside match the inside. It turned out ok. The re-checkering took hours.

I'm betting that in the future my Grandkids will be cursing my name at an Antique Roadshow

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(Login oldwizzer)

You did one heck of a job.

January 29 2007, 2:04 PM 

Beautifully well done.Ejwills.

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