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most powerful one pump BB repeater?

February 15 2007 at 8:27 PM
  (Login tracyballard)

What is the most powerful one pump (stroke) air rifle that shoots BB's and is a repeater? I've got pigeons setting up shop in the tree over my driveway and when I shoot them with my daughter's Red Ryder they just fly off to another branch. I was thinking about getting one of those Daisy 1000 rifles they sell at Walmart, but I'm really not a big fan of the single shot pellet format. I used to have a Daisy 880 and it was plenty powerful but 8 or 10 pumps for a shot gets old very quickly. Any ideas??

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(Login ricdoug)

A Daisy 953 with an indexing clip for up to 15 yards or a...

February 15 2007, 8:54 PM 

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(Login Trunion)

Why not try a...

February 15 2007, 8:58 PM 

pellet repeater. The crosman model 1077 is a CO2 air rifle, has a 12 round clip and claims a velocity of 625 fps. That should be enough to take care of your pigeon problem.

Check it out... http://www.airgunsbbguns.com/Crosman_1077_CO2_Semi_Automatic_Air_Rifle_p/cro1077.htm

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(Login chuckmatlock)

one shot at a time gives you time to pick out the next one!

February 15 2007, 9:01 PM 

most of the time you look for the cocky one that took the others place with his chest puffed out. give him a slight, underbreath lecture and go, then wait for the next. If you really need fast shooting get the drozda(spelling) pistol, just watch what you have behind the target!

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(Login SuzukiGSX1300R08)

Re: most powerful one pump BB repeater?

February 15 2007, 9:07 PM 

I would recommend spring piston air gun. Maybe a break barrel. BB guns tend to not be so accurate and most have smooth bore, which makes them even less accurate. If you arent into serious shooting and just want to shoot birds, not target shooting as a hobby, but maybe as a thing to pass time, i would look into a crosman quest 1000x. You can buy these at walmart for 100$ or so. I owned one and it was a decent break barrel rifle, didnt have to fiddle with it except for the stock screws coming loose ever now and then. I just loc-tited them down. Then, in that gun i found that the gamo hunter pellets or the magnums shot best. Sight it in and off you go!

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(Login gubb33ps)

probably not

February 15 2007, 9:16 PM 

Even with very quiet airguns, the sound of pellet impact and having the dead bird drop like a baked potato usually clues his buddies in that it's not healthy to stay around. Once in a great while will find a flock of extra stupid birds that will let you take multiple members of the flock at a sitting, but it's not common....and even a bird learns.

Are several inexpensive Chinnese made air rifles that would do this job...sping piston, you'd have to cock it and load it for each shot, but you want a repeater.

CO2 would work...at least in warm weather...but the Crosman semi-autos tend towards pretty stiff triggers

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(Login ffs1942)

You sound new...Maybe a Drozd

February 15 2007, 10:41 PM 

You sound like a new airgunner. We don't call our sophisticated pellet launchers BB guns unless we are off the property removing pests and a cop emerges from the woods. Then there's no time for a detailed explanation.

The Crosman Quest sounds like a winner. Pretty gun.

That plastic thumbhole stock Remington(actually a Crosman) also sounds good.

Also check out the Cabela's catalog. They market some prettied up Gamo's under the Cabela name.

The Drozd is a wicked CO2 BB submachine gun from Russia. It should really be used with lead BB shot as steel BB's will fly badly and damage the rifled bore. Power is around a moderate air pistol, but the ROF should compensate. Engaging pests fullauto sounds pretty cool.

Me? The varmints have learned to keep their distance from increasingly deadly and long winded weapons, starting with a stocked RC1377 to a TS45 to a Diana 36 to a R9.

This may sem a bit sadistic, but clearing the trash birds allows other species, like bluebirds, orioles, thrashers and the more common robins, jays, goldfinches, etc to survive and thrive.

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Warren Chilton
(Login wchilton)

Crosman 2100

February 16 2007, 1:02 AM 

It's similar to the daisy powerline but 3 pumps will give you 513 fps...same as the powerline gives with 6 pumps. Below velocity for number of pumps. Typical kid's bb gun will give you maybe 300fps.

1 - 274 fps
2 - 399 fps
3 - 513 fps
4 - 580 fps
5 - 619 fps

You're not gonna find a regular single-pump bb gun that shoots above that 300 fps mark since those are mostly for kids and not made to shoot any harder than that. If you'd like to try a pellet gun, I'd recommend a CZ 630. It's a break-barrel, which is the easiest to load, and it's about the best buy you're gonna find for under $100. Also very accurate and easy to shoot and will have plenty of power for taking pigeons...actually more than the powerline 880.

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(Login lightnin-fast)

The Best BB Repeater is a Crosman 454 Pistol

February 16 2007, 1:27 AM 

Your gonna have to go with a co2 gun these days for any affordable BB or pellet repeater. Try using a pistol, it will do the job and its easier to conceal from your neighbors.
Collecting only pistols I have tried them all and in my opinion the Crosman 454 co2 pistol is hands down the most accurate BB repeater pistol. Has very good power , reliability and its made of metal with quality adjustable sights.
My 454 groups all 15 shots within a dime sized target at 25' with the best of consistancy. A good example should cost about $100.

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(Login lightnin-fast)

.22 Caliber is Far Better than .177

February 16 2007, 2:17 AM 

If you get a single shot spring rifle you just gotta get .22 caliber. I am not saying the .177 wont kill a pidgeon, but the .22 hits with far more energy and drastic damage. Dont play the feet per second game ! Yes the .22 springers will shoot 200 fps. slower than the .177
I recomend the economical Mendoza 600 rifle costing $150 in .22 at 850fps.

For pest control please also try using a CCI CB .22 short or long in any .22 rimfire rifle. Its quieter than a pellet rifle I promise ! and shoots a 30 gr. lead bullet at 650 fps. Will go through an inch of pine and is accurate to 40 yards. The ammo must be CCI and say CB on it !
This ammo although silent when fired from a rifle will make a loud audible Crack! when fired from a short barrell. CCi CB's come in packs of 100 for $8 and only come in short or long. They work well in all .22 rifles but will not cycle an auto. A lever action or pump action .22 rifle built for shorts and longs with CB's will give you a silent / lethal and legal repeater.

Look at your local laws, but most likely firing an airgun/ archery/ and in some cases even airsoft in your community is just as illegal as as a firearm. Police in my city treat anything that fires a projectile or missile with the same violation. Whether its a 12 gauge or an airsoft gun.

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(Login tracyballard)

Re: most powerful one pump BB repeater?

February 16 2007, 2:35 AM 

I'm starting to like the Crosman Nightstalker that was mentioned, the large C02 bottle seems interesting and the fact that it doesn't look like a regular rifle might be good if the neighbors happen to see me out there. I don't want a scope, how are the sights on this rifle?

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(Login ricdoug)

E-Mail my friend...

February 16 2007, 2:52 AM 

Gary Anthony, Tracy, by clicking on "ricdoug" on the top left. Gary has owned one for a while (He has over 200 Airguns!) and can give you more info. Ric




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Doug Owen
(Login DKOwen)

"that shoots BBs" would be....

February 16 2007, 5:53 AM 

The man specifically said 'that shoots BBs'. Yes, pellets are better, but not what he asked.

The 'right answer', I think, is the Crosman V350 (or 3500 the 'modern version', or the M1 carbine version) based on the Quackenbush No. 7. It uses a special valve to boost the air blast getting 350 FPS (hence the model name) in a game where nobody else gets more than 300.

25 or so shot mag. Works as fast as you can pull the barrel back and push it forward (can be done 'from the sholder' by most folks). Surprisingly accurate as well.

Kind of ugly, but the most powerful single stroke BB gun by a fair bit.

Doug Owen

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