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Daisy Old Model 25 Seals

February 27 2007 at 5:19 PM
  (Login barhydt)

I have an old Daisy Model 25 pump bb gun. It shoots real light and I think it needs seals. I tried putting oil in the barrel and it did not help. How hard is it to changs the seals and does anyone have a diagram for it. And where would I buy the seals? Thanks Guys for any help

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February 27 2007, 8:51 PM 

Try JG airguns [www.jgairguns.biz] or Bucky's Daisy Repair[www.daisyrepair.com]. Ejwills.

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Daisy mod.25 rebuild.

February 27 2007, 10:34 PM 

Get your self a copy of Airgun Hobby Magazine Vol.3-No.3{july.August.Sept. 2006}.Larry Behling has a nice article on rebuilding the mod.25. Ejwills.

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(Login johnny366)

how old is this model 25?

February 28 2007, 12:18 AM 

if it was made prior to around 1940 to 45 it probably has leather seals. after that it will have rubber. the way to get oil in one of these is to remove the bolt that holds the barrel in the receiver. stand the barrel part muzzle down in a corner. if it has leather seals spray liberally about two tablespoons full of silicone down the back of the barrel and let it stand overnight. if it has rubber seals, pour about two tablespoons of 30 wt NON detergent oil down the rear of the barrel and let sit over nite. these are the kinds of guns overoiling isn't going to hurt, just make a mess until the excess oil drains off. when you oil them from the rear, the oil soaks down on the spring, spring carrier, and pump cup seal. also another tip, when you take the shot tube out, look down inside the barrel with a light and make sure the air tube is there, these guns are bad about them breaking off if the shot tube is forced in the gun and screwed down by an over zealous young shooter. the airtube is a small tube with a hole in the center sticking up about two inches thru the barrel seal. if it's not broken off, then the method of oiling i told you about earlier should put you back to shooting good again. the seals on these guns very rarely wear out, they just dry out and need to be soaked in oil. chances are unless it's a very old one it has rubber seals and the 30 wt NON detergent oil will work fine. another tip, cock the gun before you try to put the shot tube in. this leaves only about a 1/4 of an inch of the airtube sticking thru the barrel seal and is nearly impossible to break with that small amount sticking thru. hold the gun muzzle up and insert the shot tube into the cocked gun, shake it a little and it should set right down over the air tube, then screw it in tight. i have several of these old guns and my favorite one chronies a bb at 370+ fps and will bury a bb all the way in a pine board. shoot me an email if you have anymore questions on the model 25.

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re Daisy Model 25

February 28 2007, 10:45 AM 

Brian and Ass. sells reseal kits for these rifles too if the seals are truly gone. http://www.bryanandac.com/

Bob in WV

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