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webley mark 3???rebuild

April 18 2007 at 12:40 PM

  (Login storm1000)

has anyone out here ever rebuilt a webley mark 3 air rilfe,
i think it needs a seal?but have never had a webley mark 3 apert comlicated?maybe someone has a parts diagram i can download?

thank you

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Mk 3 guts

April 18 2007, 1:32 PM 

The Mk 3 is a pretty staightforward and sturdy gun internally. Most of it is pretty self-evident. The spring is under little pressure, I have done these without a compressor.

Here's a parts diagram:


If you can lay your hands on a copy of Hiller's "Collector's Guide to Air Rifles," it contains tons of drawings and pretty clear directions on how to take a Mk 3 apart, and re-assemble it. Also a pretty complete history of the gun. VERY highly recommended.

The rear of the receiver threads off similar to the older Weihrauch models. The only tricky bit is the lug the front trigger guard screws into (part 42 in the drawing). It must be removed before the rear section comes off, and it has REVERSE threads--turn it clockwise to UNSCREW it. After taking the rear section off and removing the cocking link, the spring and piston will come out.

The trigger and sear are separately pinned to the rear cap, and have a spring between them. To put back, pin the sear in first with the spring hole facing down, stick the spring in the trigger, and work it in. It isn't complicated but does take a certain amount of wiggling about to get it back in right. You don't have to remove the trigger to get the spring and piston out, though.

If you take the loading tap out (again not really necessary), there is a small spring and ball bearing under the plate on the left side, don't lose them. Best way to loosen the tap is undo the screw that holds the tap lever on a few turns, then tap it gently to pop the tap out of place. Then undo the screw the rest of the way and the tap and lever will be loose. If you try to pry the lever off you can accidentally break off the square stud it's mounted to, and then you will have an un-shootable gun.

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(Login storm1000)

webley mark 3???thank you very much

April 18 2007, 7:29 PM 


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webley mark,seal ,spring

April 18 2007, 7:59 PM 

would you know where i could get a seal and spring if i need one,or can a person make a seal,i take it it,s a leather seal.
thanks bob

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Webley bits

April 18 2007, 8:11 PM 

Check John Groenewold's site at www.jgairguns.biz , he has a good selection of Mk 3 parts.

Also the Chambers Gunmakers site (source of the drawing above) in the UK at www.chambersgunmakers.co.uk

Jim Maccari is always the man for springs of course. I have one Mk 3 that has one of Jim's HW 35 "soft" springs as a straight drop-in. Don't know that he still has that exact one, but he likely has something that will work.

It is fairly easy to make a leather seal I understand, but I've never done it!

Here's a shot of one of my Mk 3's disassembled, for what it's worth:

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(Login storm1000)

webley mark 3 thanks agian

April 18 2007, 9:03 PM 

i can,t seem to get jgairguns to answer my email inquiring abuot some parts for the webley.
thanks agian for the excellent info.


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(Login MDriskill)

Check his catalog

April 19 2007, 7:58 AM 

Looks for the links to the spare parts catalog on his site, all the Mk 3 parts will show up on line.

If you need to talk to John, in my experience it's better to call than email.

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(Premier Login Garvin2)

Here are some instructions

April 19 2007, 5:09 AM 

for making leather seals on a UK airgun website.


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