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Bench rest with a springer?

March 9 2008 at 6:57 PM

Mike  (Login KF9VH)

I like shoot for accuracy at <60 yards. What springer have you found to produce the best groups at longer ranges from a bench? Something with a little power also, so no R7s please.



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(Login WNCAGC)

Model 34 .177 JM tuned

March 9 2008, 7:07 PM 

I have shot benched at arounf 40 yards with my model 34. This year once I get on the range and some actual measurements for exact I plan to sight the gun in at roughly 35 yards.

It shot fairly well at that distance but that was before the tune kit.

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(Login F350bb)

I've had good results from these springers

March 9 2008, 7:18 PM 

the easiest to shoot are my kodiak and patriot both in .25 have shot them out to 100 yrds., a .22 stingray out to 50 yrds and a B3 out to 50 yrds too. I dont have any problem shooting springers off a rest , in my case a pillow, my backyard rest is a folded towel on top of a 460 valve cover.

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Doug Owen
(Login DKOwen)

For me, TX200

March 9 2008, 10:21 PM 

I've had the best results off the bench at that range with a tuned TX200. I understand the stock ones are good as well, but this one is a JM gun and is scary in it's ability to hit with.

I get full credit for the misses.

I also have a nice R9 TK that I use in the field that's very very accurate provided I'm at least careful with hold, and it's a lot faster and easier to reload.

Doug Owen

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(Login woodchuckssuck)

Re: Bench rest with a springer?

March 9 2008, 10:44 PM 

I have a lower powered Daisy powerline 131 (rebadged Gamo) that is around 600fps. I can shoot under .25" at 10 yards with open sights, with pellets it likes.

serious bench rest with an air gun would probably include some kind of PCP. the new Benjamin Discovery looks promising...

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(Login RedFeather)

RWS Diana 54

March 10 2008, 12:29 AM 

I've got one coming in .177 ahd have been told these are not bench sensitive.

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M. Edwards
(Login MADDAWG1)

BR & Springers

March 10 2008, 2:13 PM 

The inquiry does not appear to have any association with 'Official' Air Gun Bench Rest competitions, as the range for that is considerably shorter.  I forget the specifics but it is one or the other of  25 metres (27.5 yards)  or 30 yards. I just can't recall offhand which it is.

In Airgun Benchrest competitions the old standard FWB300 comfortably holds its own.  If you are only shooting in Springer class you're going to be OK.  Everybody faces the same problem of a lot of gun movement - activity - and repositioning - for each shot.  The physical design ergonomics and low cocking 'force' of the 300 even allows it to fare well in the 'open' classes.

In a full powered springer - I LOVE my 54s.  I have a lot of other airguns - but the 54s are my 'go to' guns when I care enough to do my very best.  The .17 for FT and AG Benchrest - the .22 for bloodletting.  The .17 kills OK.  Shot condition for shot condition the .22 flat out smites'em.




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Rich. from Mich.
(Login peterdragin)

HK97 or TX200 Ya can't go wrong

March 10 2008, 1:09 AM 

with either of those rifles. Just look at what the guys in FT are using in the springer class.

You don't see any break barrels or maybe one or two at the botton of the results.


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(Login jrw714)

Re: Bench rest with a springer?

March 10 2008, 2:03 PM 

On one occasion got 3" - 4" groups with rws48 @ 100 yds. Pic posted here last month. Put the Hawke Airmax scope on it, appears to be holding up to the beating pretty well.

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