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Replacing Breech Seal Air Arms 410 - Need Advice

July 23 2008 at 3:51 PM
Monty  (Login Montster)

My seal blew out today. It is still in decent shape so I tried to push it back in. Well my fingers are way to big. I assume there is a technique or tool to get it in the seat.

I plan on measuring the o-ring and getting a replacement too.

Air Arms calls the seal "Loading Bolt Buffer" #S650


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(Login rbrady31)

re: Who can...?

July 23 2008, 4:51 PM 

In my 400 I used a piece of copper wire (ground wire from 14-2 house wiring). Used a Swiss (small, fine) file to round the end, bent a 90 about one inch from the end, and used it to push the o-ring into place. Seems I had trouble getting it into the groove and had to load a pellet as a stop in front of the groove. Rounding end of wire was to keep from cutting o-ring.



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Joe Brancato <><
(Login n6yyo1)

Here's a great trick .

July 23 2008, 6:11 PM 

The frustrating part is the o-ring folds and goes past the groove, this trick makes it as easy as pie!

1) Get a cleaning rod, insert it from muzzle to breech, just to the groove for the o-ring. Have the cleaing rod just at the groove so that the o-ring can only go in the groove, not past it toward the muzzle.
2) Fold the o-ring and insert partly into the breech groove.
3) Prod, push, cajole, the o-ring into the groove with an allen wrench or whatever tool you can use.

BTW, all these tools are normally at any field target match. I.e. no special tools needed.

SIMPLE!! I've done a number of them and its much easier with the cleaning rod. (p.s., if you only have a pull-through, you're out of luck).

Hope hath helps,

Joe Brancato <><

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(Login Montster)


July 23 2008, 7:31 PM 

Got it back in. The advice that did it was folding the o-ring. Duh.

Next time I will use a rod and I bet it will be real quick fix.


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