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Hy-Score model 801 rifle

August 12 2008 at 8:50 PM
  (Login bil601)

Just picked up a little German Hy-Score 801 rifle in .22 Would only do 320 fps when I got it. Gave it a bath lubed the piston with silicone greese got it up to 440 fps, but I know it will do better. Anyone know where I can get a piston seal. I have read this is the same as Diana 25. Kinda looks like a 2 or 3 piece seal cork or fiber center rubber cup around that & a hard rubber backer all held with a screw in the center any help will be great

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matthew noe
(Login mnoe)

John Groenwald

August 12 2008, 9:38 PM 

I picked up a leather seal from JG Airguns - http://jgairguns.biz/catalog/ for my prewar Diana 27 - had to fab the other pieces (washer & insert section)...they turned out to be off the shelf Home Depot stuff...and a little handiwork and it all went together like a dream.

Drop a line to John through the site - he's a great resource on these older rifles.

good luck

Matthew Noe

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Diana 25 Piston Seal

August 13 2008, 8:10 AM 

The Diana 25 has the same piston seal set up as the Diana 27.
The Diana Part # for the Seal Set is 301246.
The set is comprised of
1 only Red Fiber Backing Washer #300388
1 only Leather Cup Washer #300290
1 only Red Fiber Centre Washer #300291
1 only Retaining Screw #300392
NOTE: the Retaining Screw will have been locked into place by a pin driven into a blind hole drilled into the side of the cylinder head.
The pin, part # 300393, will have to drilled out before attempting screw removal.
JG Airguns does not show inventory on their website but a phone call should be made to confirm status.
Schneider Sportwaffen in Germany, www.luftdruckwaffen-shopping.de/p811.html, sell the Seal Set for 11,95 euros plus S & H.
Chambers in the UK, www.gunspares.co.uk, also stock seal components.
They have their own part numbers.
Piston Washer Screw #B1002, 1.73 pounds plus S & H.
Piston Washer Unit (washers only) #PW042, 13.82 pounds plus S & H.
Leather Cup Washer only #CW015, 7.56 pounds plus S & H.

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(Login bil601)


August 13 2008, 9:41 AM 

Wow you guys came through fast I just wanted to say thanks for the help Ill post some pics & numbers when its done. Doing a major crack repair at the moment. Both the metal ears that hold the front of the stock were broken off so the stock was only held with one bolt. Going to weld on some O1 steel drill & tap to make new ears. Just looking to make a soild shooter at this point. If anyone else has one of these or a model 25 what kind of fps are you getting.

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(Login duhuh)

re Hy Score

August 13 2008, 10:03 AM 

You did not say what grain pellets you were using to get 440 fps but that does not sound too far off to me, for a .22 in a Diana 25. I have one in .177 and if I remember right it shoots in the 500s with a 7.9 gr pellet or so. It is a nice accurate little gun but not a power house.

Bob in WV

Never get in a hurry, it only slows you down.

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David Enoch
(Login DavidEnoch)

Blue Book says 380 fps in 22 caliber

August 13 2008, 5:05 PM 

Blue Book says 380 fps in 22 caliber.  It sounds like your is fine.

David Enoch

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(Login bil601)

Hy-score 801

August 13 2008, 6:34 PM 

My vel. was measured with Daisy wad cutters you know Kmart havent checked the wieght on one. I dont think Im gona gain much from a new seal but if its available why not. Got the stock stripped & glued up. Going to add a piece of maple under the lug were the big screw is & pin it on both sides of the crack. The space was the cause of the crack. There was no contact with the wood & metal.

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