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Benjamin HB17 aftermarket parts?

September 25 2008 at 11:25 PM

karl  (Login karl808)

I have a Benjamin Sheridan HB17 that is a couple of years old. It was my first air gun and I was wanting to maybe improve this little gun. Does anyone out there know of some aftermarket parts I can put on this gun? One thing I want to do is improve the power. At 10 pumps it shoots beeman bear cubs in .117 at 430fps. When I got the gun it said it should shoot maximum 540fps. I would also like to improve the accuracy. Can you put a longer barrel on it or maybe get a new barrel? If you guys could help I would be thankful.

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(Login ffs1942)

MAC1 or Palmer

September 26 2008, 1:46 AM 

I think you could just use a resealing from a good shop. My fav, Paul Landrith, has gone on, so I'm not sure who to recommend. The Benjamin, Sheridan and Benjamin-Sheridan pistols are pretty good and I don't think they need any mods.
Also try different pellets to maximize accuracy. My .22 132 and E22 favor the RWS Superdome.


MAC1 or Palmer Pursuit Shop can help. I've conversed with both about maxing out my old Benjamin 132.

It seems to center on a valve with a streamlined single port to replace the tinkertoy shape valve currently there. The valve must be indexed too. I imagine they can also play with the springs.

Another trick is to expand the transfer port, but this has limits before one breaches the barrel joints. Palmer lays on a fillet of solder to allow big ports.

I imagine MAC1 can also do the steroid job on a pistol.

Palmer began as a Sheridan fixer and went into custom paintball guns based on Sheridan designs. Sheridan was a subsidiary of Benjamin when they got into paintball.

I didn't send my 132 in as I feared UPS losing it. It's a family heirloom. I just slowly and gently overcharge it for anything bigger then a starling.

You can do trigger jobs yourself with a whetstone and some moly.

There are numerous outfits found on this forum that do custom grips and pump handles. You could also sand, form and refinish the existing units.

Palmer can get you some old, nicely figured walnut grips, that you can refinish, but they might not match the pump handle. These were for the PGP, a paintball variant of the CO2 E series or the HB.
They also sell big rubber "combat" grips, by PMI and trigger shoes.

I personally think the barrel is totally adequate for a pistol. The only way to change is to melt the solder and solder a new one on. Sounds like a bad idea.

I think the current sight is crude, but adequate. Perhaps you could install the fancy rear sight from the Crosman Custom Shop, but you will have to mill the receiver.

You can also get scope blocks from Crosman to mount a dotsight or scope. I personally prefer to keep my pistols holsterable.

Not sure where to get holsters. Kolpin made air pistol specific holsters, but not anymore. Sheridan might have had holsters avail for the HB. Maybe advertise in Brad Troyers site for one. I found a 1950 Benjamin holster there.

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(Login karl808)


September 26 2008, 4:17 AM 

Thanks for your information. Yu seem to know a lot and I thank you.

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