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.458 DAQ Ammo

September 30 2008 at 11:41 PM
Ken Cox  (Login OneHole)

For those of you who own a .458 DAQ rifle and are wondering what hunting ammo to feed it, save yourself some time and aggravation and try some of Robert Vogel’s custom cast bullets.

Robert has already gone through the trial and error and considerable expense of finding the right molds to make some outstanding hollow point bullets that shoot extremely well in the .458 DAQ. I am very impressed with the performance of the 422 & 356 grn bullets. My gun shoots the 422grn bullets just a little bit more accruately, but that’s my gun, yours may shoot the 356grn better. My best group last Friday with the 422grn bullet was a three shot group at 53 yards that could be covered with a quarter, two of the shots came off of the same fill! I then refilled for the third shot.

In my stock .458 DAQ, if you can call a hand built DAQ rifle a stock gun, the 422grn bullets leave my barrel at approximately 730fps, while the 356grn bullets move out at about 770fps.

At this time I can only talk about the positive attributes of the bullets hollow point design and accuracy. Hopefully after this weekend I’ll be able to talk about how it performs on white-tailed deer.

I will keep you posted.

Ken Cox

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