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Kessler Arms Corporation, Silver Creek, NY

October 9 2008 at 1:47 AM
  (Login ffs1942)

As I perused the Firearms Catalog, I saw a fascinating lever action shotgun. I then looked at their bolt action shotgun and saw a rather telltale trigger guard.

This sent me running to my AGD1, where I looked up a photo of a Kessler air rifle.

Looks like the same company.

The shotguns were made from 1951 and 53 and seemed to compete with the low cost Mossberg bolt action shotguns.

The Kessler air rifle resembled 1940's and 50's Crosman designs and claimed 750 fps in .22.

A brief web search only revealed that Kessler made guns for Montgomery Wards. It sounds like the company was near Rochester and near Crosman.

I'm most interested in the lever action shotgun, but that powerful air rifle arouses my curiousity as well.

Anybody know anything about this company and its guns?

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(Login jpsaxnc)

I see the airguns for sale a couple times a year. A couple years ago, a guy at

October 9 2008, 5:51 AM 

the Roanoke show, had all 3 variants for sale as a set, for less than $200. Also, a few years back, I saw that gun parts corp. had some kessler airgun parts for sale, and I'm pretty sure some powder burner parts as well.

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(Login DarryH)

I sold a Kessler shotgun

October 9 2008, 7:31 AM 

I had a Kessler .410 bolt action shotgun.
I sold it about a year ago.
Cheap gun, but very functional.

Good Shootin!!

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(Login Victor3)

IIRC, Crosman bought their stock duplicating machines...

October 9 2008, 8:08 AM 

...when they went belly-up.

I have one of their cheesy 12 ga bolt action shotguns with 2 round detachable mag around here somewhere...

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(Login oldwizzer)

Kessler Air Rifle

October 9 2008, 1:20 PM 

This was my first pellet gun, purchased around 1953. It was a very well made gun and shot with authority.You can find out more about Kessler on the Vintage Airgun site.
Search their site and ck. their library.

Sometimes silence is golden,sometimes it's not.

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(Login ffs1942)

More Q's about the airguns and firearms...

October 9 2008, 2:44 PM 

AGD1 says the Kessler with the one piece stock claimed "750 fps with easy pumping effort".

The Blue Book said it used a Sheridan A style ball valve.

Pretty powerful gun for the times when everybody was lucky to get 650 with 8-12 pumps and when springers were under 12 ft lbs.

I'm also be rather interested in finding the lever action shotgun. Valued at $150 and much less than a Winchester or Norinco lever scattergun. It'd also look OK with a Polychoke, if I didn't like the existing choke.

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