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Rules for Air Rifle Silhouette?

June 16 2009 at 2:21 PM
brian  (Login ffs1942)

What are the general rules for Air Rifle Metallic Silhouette?

The Iowa Games is dropping AR rRunning Target for Metallic Silhouette. I would be pretty excited for the change of pace, but the rules say .177 and no more than 600 fps. The previous Running Tgt matches only called for any .177 with any sights

This would rule out nearly all hunting rifles and leave it just to people walking over from the 10m match.

I'm trying to get my old WW2 paratrooper friend who runs the match to change the rules.

It would also rule out all the newcomers who lack esoteric 10m guns, but have hunters and pest shooters from Scheel's, Sportsman's Warehouse, Cabella's, etc, who I'm sure are in the silent majority.

Also, can a 10m gun even knock down a remote reset silhouette target at up to 45 yds?

I won my first gold at the 94 IGames in a substitute match. The RT machine broke and they subbed time fire on a biathlon target. I won partly for my good shooting, but partly because I had a 13 ft lb RWS36. The 10m guns couldn't reliably trip the tgts.

Anyway, I'm trying to get the rules changed if its not too late. My motives are admittedly a bit selfish. I could walk out the door right now and win it with my R9, but I have friends that could give me a good run with big Daystate hunters.

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Mike Sporer
(Login BigRott)

Rules are here

June 16 2009, 4:02 PM 



Also check in with www.steelchickens.com



Mike Sporer

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(Login aguncrank)

nra rules have 3 classes of rifles and you can

June 16 2009, 7:41 PM 

shoot almost anything including .22 in open class as long as it meets weight requirement. some clubs, probalbly most actgally, will not allow higher energy guns as they damage the targets.

I have never owned or shot a air gun I didn't like.

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(Login camarojim)

Re: Rules for Air Rifle Silhouette?

June 16 2009, 7:57 PM 

If you find out that the stonger air rifles are permitted, I hope you'll post the info. While I've never participated in the Iowa games, it's mainly because there was no catagory that I found enticing. But now that I'm 'hooked' on AR shooting, I might be convinced this is something I can't pass up. I've got a variety of stuff now, but it's all 1000 fts rated , so it's much stronger than the 650 fts, and I'd have to detune one of them pretty strongly to make it compare.

Maybe I should just come watch the first year.


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