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Question for Harry (Yarrh) in Oz . What type of fill

February 11 2010 at 10:56 PM
dave235  (Login dave235)

system do you use for your PCP rifles? scba tank or compressor. Just wondering what is available there for fill ups. Dave235

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(Login charlie9g)

last i heard

February 11 2010, 11:12 PM 

harry was filling with an FX pump. basic guy apparently. hope he clarifies soon.

small caliber joy

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(Login Yrrah)

Dave I fill with an FX pump 95 % of the time ( or more ).

February 11 2010, 11:36 PM 

I fill The BSAs to 250 bar ( John Bowkett's regulators will take 280+ bar ) but the pump peaks out at 250 bar. I fill the Excalibre to 180 bar for best unregulated shot string.

I do have a 300 bar steel tank for when I go to organized shoots ( which are mostly rimfire shoots ) but even then I often only take the pump. I have a dive shop 1 km from home in the city, but a few hundred away when at the farm.

As yet I have had no trouble with any sort of corrosion issues from using the pump. I follow the instructions and bleed it often. Pumping is good rhythmical, large muscle mass, whole body exercise. I weigh 156 lb, 68 inches ht, 73 years on 26th this month.
If in good shape it takes just a few seconds to settle for good bench shooting. ... Kind regards, Harry.

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(Login dave235)

Thanks for taking time to answer that question, it was just purely for my

February 12 2010, 1:13 AM 

curosity. I've never been to Australia and I know there can be many mile between populated places, and I just wondered how you handled the airing up of your guns. Thanks again, and good shooting, Dave

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