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Restricted shipping to NY state

April 16 2010 at 3:44 PM
Anglander  (Login Anglander)

I just tried to buy a Benjamin Trail NP from the Cheaper than Dirt website ($217). Found they will not ship it to me because I live in NY state. I called and the lady told me that there is a list of restricted states on the ATF website and that is what they use. I went there and could not find the list. What I found when I searched for 'airgun' was a statement to the effect that since the ATF does not regulate airguns, people should check with their local regulations. I do know that some NY cities such as NYC and Rochester restrict the sale or use of airguns and therefore probably restrict shipping. However, I am in upstate and I don't live in a city. I have had no problem getting airguns from Pyramyd and others before. So, either Cheaper than Dirt has made an arbitary decision that is unfriendly to airgunners, or there is some new NY law that I don't know about. Does anyone know any more than this?

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Charles Mellon
(Login bil601)

A lot of them do that

April 16 2010, 5:05 PM 

There are a lot of companies that wont ship to a state if some of the cities have restrictions. Cheaper than dirt is the worst of them. There is a whole bunch of thier stuff they wont ship to NY. Kittery Trading Post wont ship to NY state unless you send them letter first.

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(Login heavysausage)

Try here its free shipping and only 11 dollars more

April 16 2010, 5:38 PM 


even comes with a scope and they will ship for free asap to ny just got one for my buddie

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(Login Greg94)

Similar Problem

April 16 2010, 5:59 PM 

A few years back I had a similar problem with Bass Pro Shops. Ordered an RWS94, RWS Shooters Kit and several tins of various pellets. They shipped the gun and shooters kit but refused to ship the pellets because they claimed that NYS restricted shippment of pellets. The funny part of this is that the shooters kit contained a tin of the same ammo they refused to ship.
I now refuse to order from Bass Pro and others that can't seem to get it right. There's always someone else willing to accept my money and provide me with what I want.
Find another vendor.
Good luck,

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(Login VPilot)

Same with CTD to California. I hate companies like this...

April 16 2010, 7:22 PM 

The last thing I need is a private company adding even more restrictions than the government has already imposed upon us. What freedom we've lost already is too much. Companies like this can go belly up as far as I'm concerned. They skim the cream in the market and take little to no risk nor invest the slightest effort in support of the very freedoms they hope to profit from. I use their catalogs as fireplace tinder though - so not all is wasted.


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(Login greasy46)

Same here...

April 16 2010, 8:03 PM 

Compasseco and Cobra would not ship to Michigan without FFL for a pellet rifle, but Pyramid air, no problem. Weird....

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(Login chungchi)


April 16 2010, 10:03 PM 

I live in East rochester,NY
No matter what you hear things here in Rochester are not good.
It used to be only certain parts of the city at night you would not want to be.
That has changed and just recently someone was shot in broad daylight on main street.
Just down from me in penfield in just a short time maybe a four week period Burger King was robbed ,Citizens bank,M&t bank and the last was POPeye's chicken and shrimp.
The kid left the back door open to throw out the trash and someone hit him over the eye socket with a crowbar or bat and broke his eye socket and he lost his eye.Try and get a gun permit in Rochester.
You will wait at least a year.I sold a airgun to someone and wanted to ship it Fedex and when I told them I wanted it insured for six hundred they asked me what it was.
I said a pellet gun.
They said no-anything with the word gun in it can not be shipped.
I said are you kidding,this is not a firearm but a pellet pistol.
she said no-I said ok, how about a staple gun.
Her reply was."sir,"anything that has the word gun in it can not be shipped from here".I took it down to UPS and they shipped it.
David F

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(Login markll)


April 17 2010, 7:38 AM 

Thats what happens when the ANIMALS move in . I live in N Y also.

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hold over
(Login holdover)

Re: Shipping

April 17 2010, 8:57 AM 

Complete idiots dont know the differce between NY city and NY state.

I live in Buffalo and I havent had any problems , buying or shipping airguns . I went to my post office , and told them what was in the box. They asked if it was unloaded and safe to ship, I said yes, they said no problem and shipped it.

Go to pyamid air, you wont have any problems, they earned the extra money by knowing the differce of where it can be shipped .

The other guys just lost a sale for thier own stupidity.Hell with them .

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(Login greasy46)

I second that !

April 17 2010, 9:43 AM 

Pyramid air is great.... they deserve the business for putting up with all the hassles that go along with it to make a sale pleasant and convenient for the customer

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