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And Now The Rest Of The Story: $149.95 Crosman Nitrogen Gas Rammed .22 Titan GP (pics)

September 4 2010 at 10:18 AM

  (Login reschlund)

A week ago I posted some numbers on my out of the box Nitrogen Piston powered WalMart .22 Titan GP,using 4 different types and weights of pellets.

Seen here>

At that time I promised some accuracy testing would follow from 25 yrds and a small review of what it has to offer.Well,,I lied about the 25 yrds(forgive me Lord,,get-r-done).BUT WHOA wait a minute,,,! Instead of the measly 25yrds. I stretched it out to whooping 33 yrds(99ft).(big Deal Huh,,LOL?) The most I can get out of my property with out going into the neighbors yard.

Using the pellets I listed in my chrony testing proved it was going to be a very pellet fussy rifle.None of them really shot all that good.I was hoping the Predators would shoot well,but it was not in the cards for this rifle,,damnit!!
But please remember this is a out of the box Wally World $150 air gun,no tune,no trigger work other what can be done with the little screw behind the trigger blade,I did not recrown either end,I shot what I got after a good barrel cleaning and I fired it (about 25 times) until it quit dieseling.

After shooting 8 different kinds of pellets and getting very discouraged I might add I found what I believe to be its favorite food/pellet.Not that the others were all that bad they just were not what I was looking for or what I believed the rifle was capable of.

It settled in or really liked the RWS 14.2 gr. Super-H-Points and finally started to shine with one hole shots and no fliers if I did my part.You know,,,hold your breath and squeeze the trigger nice and easy until it surprises you , don't jerk it!

Mind you it was windy and gusty and getting dark but I was determined to finish what I started and get a target to show you guy's what a Titan GP can do.

A little food for thought!You will have have to re-tighten all the screws from scope to stock at least every 25 shots,it is a blue lock-tite buster but once everything is good and tight and seated it will hold.The re-tighting process is over after about 150 shots it will finally lock up and all the screws will quit coming loose.( I checked it again after I shot this target and it was good to go all the screws were still tight!)

I don't have a trigger gauge but it seems to brake at around 4-5 pounds with a ton of travel,but you can pull the trigger to the second stage and release it and it stays right at the breaking point of the 2nd stage.

Shooting the 14.2 Super-H-Points at an average of 715 feet per second@16 foot pounds of energy I have to recommend the Crosman Titan GP to anyone who has $150 to spend,and is looking for a cheap hunter or plinker.

Its still a little tough to break open to cock and load(even after a small dab of moly),you really have to give her a good slap on the muzzle break,but its not all that hard to cock once opened.No twang or sideways torque what so ever,just a nice easy linear recoil,and a very quiet but powerful thunk.

A after market trigger will do wonders for this baby and make it a very pleasurable rifle to shoot.But its not that bad right out of the box!I am a trigger Nazi you know?

Pictured is my out of the box as is :
2010 $149.95 WalMart .22 caliber Nitro-Piston Crosman Titan GP with Leapers 4-16/40MM UTG scope and a one piece off set mount(that's all I had laying around)I'll get a proper one piece Scope mount the next time I go to Leapers and chat with David Ding(CEO).

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

And my 25 shot target,,,shot at (99ft.) or 33 yrds. off a bench with 10-15 MPH cross winds and a few gusts,mind you I was shooting in a hurried pace because I was running out of daylight,I'm sure I could have done much better if time allowed me a little more time to shot the way your suppose too.Target #10 I pulled the shot down in my hast.Oh Well I never said I was perfect.Squares are 1" and red bull is 7mm.in diameter.This target was shot just the way it is pictured.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

BBGun Bob
S.E. Michigan

"Springers are neat,,One Shot One Bullseye"
But I'm starting to love a gas-ram better,Oh-O here we go again!

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(Login torchedthat)


September 4 2010, 10:26 AM 

thanks for the follow up... I still havn't seen these in my walmarts but i'm also in Maryland.

I just upgraded my .177 Big Cat to a nitro piston through pyramid air and am EXTREMELY happy with it compared to the original spring.

I think gas rams are fantastic and am considering getting this in .22
Sorta wish I had this option before I spent all the time/money on the big cat.. Oh well.

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(Login robnewyork)

extremely accurate,as was mine

September 4 2010, 10:40 AM 

basically the same as .5 groups at 33yrds,i was shooting .25 at 25 and .75 at 37yrds so thats about dead on for the accuracy of a titan with the right ammo,puts a beating on guns of similar price

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(Login gubb33ps)

Nice write up.

September 4 2010, 10:53 AM 

Impressed with the performance, nothing wrong with the combination of shooter and rifle, even if it is a "cheap" rifle (good example of $ spent being a poor indicator of performance).

Not many reviewers include 25 shots with their springers, which certainly is much more impressive than the occasional freak bug-hole group.

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(Login VarmintAir)

That is pretty darned good actually.

September 4 2010, 11:33 AM 

Heck, my R9 will only shoot two pellets really well, and that's okay by me, because I only need it to shoot one really well. What most folks see as 1" squares, as a hunter, I look at that target and see squirrel heads. I'm thinking that gun will have no problem at all, keeping you supplied with one of the main ingredients found in squirrel stew. LOL

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(Login bigbore)


September 4 2010, 11:50 AM 

for an out of the box piston gun that's very good.

[linked image]

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Jim in SWMO
(Login jmhenrichs)

Lookin' good!

September 4 2010, 11:46 AM 

Good shooting! Be interesting to see how it does after another 500-1000 rounds or so when it has settled even more. I'd expect it would get even better after the trigger starts to smooth out more. Can't complain about it's pellet of choice, either. Those Super-H-Points are a good pellet for plinkin', paper or pest. All these Titan posts are starting to make me think about one. I love the "cheap" shooters that can shoot! LOL

"You've come far, pilgrim."------"Feels like far."
"Were it worth the trouble?"----"Ah, what trouble?"

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(Login Trojan1994)

Thanks for the follow up report, the accuracy is quite good actually!

September 4 2010, 12:11 PM 

With some trigger work and a good scope and mount, sounds like it is an excellent value out of the box just dying for a little massaging to make it really shine!



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(Login haywire2)

I have about 2000 pellets through mine...

September 4 2010, 12:57 PM 

and it also likes the RWS SuperHPoints. I took mine apart and cleaned/deburred/lubed the tube and replaced the piston seal and gave it a gold trigger. I get an average of 737 fps with those pellets, and cloverleafs at 20 yards.

I wouldn't call mine a plinker. It's tough to break open, as Bob says, and it's a little work to cock it, although I'm either geting used to it, or it's smoothing out on it's own. Fifty shots is quite a workout for me, and I find myself looking for a CO2 gun.
[linked image]

Michael Chavka

Success is not an entitlement.

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(Login robnewyork)

nice stock-nt

September 4 2010, 1:12 PM 

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(Login azure1961p)

A hollow point doesnt make a one hole group. Only one pell hit the paper.

September 4 2010, 7:55 PM 

Snicker snicker.

Kidding, but glad its working for you. That is a really hot performing hollow point. Great expansion and penetration. The head expands and blows off while the skirt keeps penetrating.


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(Login B3DUDE)

I like...

September 5 2010, 2:21 AM 

This rifle as well. Got a question for you Titan owners. Since there is no moving parts i.e. the spring, bolt, etc. would a suppressor work on this?

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(Login critter99)

Bob now we need to see what Jerry's .177 does in grouping

September 5 2010, 2:17 PM 

I looked at a few Wally Worlds in MI all they had was the .177s. I wonder if a short ride to Toledo would have the 22s.

The Trail XL is around for $225 with 3-9 scope at Sports Authority and Jims place. But I wanted the wood version they all had the syn stock

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