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Hammerli 850 mods

September 12 2010 at 12:43 PM
  (Login Doug-T)

I just got done doing another round of mods to my .22 850. Any feedback on the accuracy issue would be appreciated. The stock barrel was 24" and now it a tad under 22".


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Rich Woods
(Login richwoods)

Can you

September 12 2010, 12:49 PM 

rotate shroud...??? I'm thinking you can 'index' shroud like some do barrels..making 1/4 turns...test shooting,etc..another thing would be to remove shroud,and re-test groups..

I'm thinking also,you may have cut off the choke,or maybe a portion of it...eeek..but you can check that..

I really like your trigger mod..a friend did something similar for me..he drilled,installed hardened steel rods,then faced them off...much smaller surface contact area,,,but it certainly smoothed things out..cocking was much easier,trigger break crisp, and,like yours,trigger pull reduced to approx 2 LBS...

I'm using my 850 CO2 rifle as a test mule...as things work out,my plan is to incorporate changes into my HPA 850's..

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