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Exactly what is the difference between Air Arms S410 and S510 ?

December 14 2010 at 6:22 AM
Al  (Login Airgun-Al)

Has anyone compared a Air Arms 410 versus a 510 sidelever ?
Besides a very slight, stock weight and length difference, what exactly is the difference?
Please explain!

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(Login papagrande)

sharpshooters breakdown on both

December 14 2010, 7:20 AM 

http://www.straightshooters.com/Air%20Arms/410erbwalnutthumbhole.html heres the 410 info and the 510http://www.straightshooters.com/Air%20Arms/510extrawalnut.html all you need to know i belive at one time the 510 was 12 fpe only that has changed and soon it will replace the 410 i belive . I bought my original 410erb 3 years ago from these guys since traded it for a carbine and love it

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(Login GlennDS)

Only difference I see

December 14 2010, 9:05 AM 

on the Straight Shooter web site is the 510 is 1/4 of an inch shorter, may be due to the fact that the 410 is a thumb hole stock.

On Air Arms web site, they only list the 510 in a carbine model.

I sure would like to know what makes a 510 a 510.

I been looking at that 25 cal 510.

In S. Texas

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(Login RemoBerg)

Actions identical, stocks different nt.

December 14 2010, 9:00 AM 

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(Login VYD)

Only the stock!

December 14 2010, 9:06 AM 

And it's about time to make an ambidexterous. Sick and tired of paying extra for LH wood...

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(Login FN19)

Please... NO Ambi stocks!

December 14 2010, 9:48 AM 

Sorry if that sounds selfish but ambi stocks are just plain ugly! An ambi stock is enough to turn me away from any rifle!

I wish manufactures would just invest in producing lefty & righty stocks and skip the ambi stock trend!


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(Login VYD)

Personal Preference!

December 14 2010, 10:02 AM 

Please, stop charging me extra $100+ simply because I am lefty! That's 30% of all shooters!
Don't like Ambi, don't buy it!

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(Login boscoebrea)

tell you what if the BS manufacturers would make all rifles avilable in lefty

December 14 2010, 11:16 AM 

I would agree,they Don't so you are being selfish,I think all stocks should be am-bi,so there I can be too,ya we do pay a lot to be "different" and that is why lefty shooters outshout righties...now..LOL....

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(Login RemoBerg)

Unfair to lefties

December 14 2010, 12:03 PM 

The whole practice of charging lefties extra is a major unfair business practice. The ripoff goes something like this ... First, the lefty stock is only available in high-priced walnut, not lesser priced beech or some other wood. Second, even in walnut, the lefty stock is priced at a premium over the righty one!!

Can't even buy an AA Prosport in lefty!! I'm sure that there will be numerous explanations about size of the market, production runs, etc., but as someone who always has to pay hundreds more for a lefty stock and not even get a lefty action, I have little sympathy for the manufacturers.

Where is the justice?

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(Login VYD)

No doubt about it

December 14 2010, 1:35 PM 

And the fact is, it does not take more effort, more equipment, more man hours, and more material to make LH stocks, so why the **** they charge SO much more is beyond me. I understand they will not match LH stocks with the number of RH stocks produced. But at least there should be an option to have it if needed. And if there is no option, then there SHOULD be an Ambi stock available instead. There are some shooters turning away from paying extra for no reason and buying something else instead...like AirWolf and AirRanger, HW springers, HW100, Rapids, etc. Great for both, shooters and manufacturers/dealers. Those indifferent who charge extra $100+ for LH stocks can shove that gun up their ***!

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(Login CalG)

Supply and demand

December 14 2010, 3:16 PM 

Express your opinions with your purchase decisions.

If enough lefty's don't buy stuff, the manufacturers will assume there is no market and quite making the accommodation entirely. That will fix 'em!

What a boon for the custom stock maker!

Is this free market economy great, or what.

All in good cheer.


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(Login RemoBerg)

Re: Supply and demand

December 14 2010, 3:44 PM 


I agree with you---free market economy is great.

Lefty premiums, not so much.

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