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Converting rifles from Dovetail to Picatinny?

February 26 2011 at 2:46 AM
  (Login itsmekeoni)

Is there a easy way of converting 11mm Dovetail to Picatinny rails on air rifles without raising the rail to high like an adapter would do? It is so much easier to find Picatinny mounts here in Hawaii than 11mm Dovetail mounts and we usually don't get the free shopping option from websites (which sucks) and often times it is cheaper than Dovetail mounts (they go on sale more often to). Any help would be appreciated greatly! Mahalo!



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(Login IHJohnstone)

Without major 'engineering'

February 26 2011, 5:03 AM 

the best I've seen are B-square #17025 adaptor plates BUT these are rated only as Weaver not the far higher specced Picatinny (its all about the slots).


They are variously badged as Hawke, Guntuff or whatever, but they attach to the dovetail in the same manner as BKLs and they only raise the rail height by approx 6mm (obviously they can also bridge a mag. slot).

Weaver mounts are quite common, Piccatinny mounts tend to be more a specialist system ($$$).

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(Login lhd)

Depends on the gun

February 26 2011, 1:02 PM 

An how handy you are I guess. Back in the day, most firearms didn't come with mounts. You hadda look up what fit, or figure it out, then drill and tap two to four holes in the top of the receiver and screw a mount base on.

It was really so hard, but some folks had a Gunsmith do it for em, some did it themselves.

Many airguns would be pretty easy to bolt a scope mounting rail too, some not.

I really dislike the "adapters" that clamp to dovetails though ....

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(Login Doug-T)

As far as I know, Weaver and Picatinny are nearly interchangeable.

February 26 2011, 2:00 PM 

The slots are a little different spec but I've used either with the other on air rifles and my AR-15. No problems so far.

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Nearly... Weaver and Picatinny(MilSpec 1913 developed at Picatinny Arsenal).....

February 26 2011, 3:35 PM 

Share the same basic shape. However a Weaver style ring will work on a Picatinny base but a Picatinny ring will not necessarily work on Weaver style base because of groove width and depth. Picatinny is a slot approximately .210" wide approximately .120"deep on 10mm centers. One of the good things about these specs is if you are manufacturing a scope mounting base, 100mm equals 3.94"(.060" short of 4") and would be a good starting point for initial cross slots. I am in fact manufacturing a new version of my product known on the Yellow as the Mac1 Integramount or Integrabase. My product is the Ballistic Enterprises #1 (BE#1) INTEGRABASE. It is the best scope mount for Benjamin and Sheridan air rifles and pistols. What was already the best is now even better!!!! My scope mount for Benjamin and Sheridan airguns will now accept TipOff (3/8" dovetail), Weaver, and Picatinny style scope rings and optical sights. Thanks!!!! Greg


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(Login AngliaUSA)

Dovetail to weaver adapter only raises the scope 3/4 of an inch

February 26 2011, 7:11 PM 

and then use low mounts -

I bet your scope rifle requires the use of medium or high mounts anyway so there really is no difference -

here is my RX 2 with Pitcanny adapter and 30mm medium mounts to accommodate a large Hawke Eclipse SF scope.



[linked image]

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(Login lhd)

No difference?

February 26 2011, 7:58 PM 

Well, sometimes there IS a difference. See, oftentimes (near always, unless you buy really special rings) common scope mounts end up putting the scope off axis to the boreline. This is typically accentuated by the fact that there is a variation in dovetail widths, PLUS a variation in the optimum width many scope mounts are designed for.

Now, the same issue occurs when an adapter is added, unless its extremely well suited to the exact particulars of the conversion, and, as often as not, the situation is WORSENED by stacking and adapter and mounts.

So, it pays to do some careful measuring to make SURE your scope centerline is going to end up directly over the boreline, and that its not pointing off at an angle as well.

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(Login AngliaUSA)

Should have said 'little' difference to the height of scope

February 26 2011, 8:48 PM 

over the centre of the bore ...

but thanx for the education .... your knowledge and experience are 2nd to none !
especially when it comes to airguns, scopes and accuracy.

I've experienced no zeroing problems when using the adapter - perhaps I just got lucky ?
but then again I'm not going for extreme Bench Rest accuracy -

a 30 yd zero and 1/2 " 5 shot groups are fine for my gas rammed hunting rig.

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(Login rwssam)

Re: Should have said 'little' difference to the height of scope

February 26 2011, 9:24 PM 

That's an interesting concept, center line of scope offset from the bore of the barrel. Would work with target @ a fixed distance, but for hunting, well that wouldn't work for me? I use BKL 11mm to weaver adapters, which should maintain bore to scope center line. Least that's why I bought them and what they advertise-self centering ? Some 3/8-11mm, non-centering adapters would cause problems-when shooting at various distances? The BkL and B-Squire seem to be self-centering and would be the ones I would buy/use. The BKL's maintain scope centerline/bore alignment, I use 'em and distance to target, windage is dead on, dead varmints will not question the bore/scope centerlinae alignment. You need to shoot your rifle, Practice and even more practical practice at different ranges to know that what the equipment you have actually gets the results with your abilities. Get out on the range and practice and then do some real world hunting. It's quite challenging hunting live, moving targets. Not the same as FT, HFT, or bench rest. 11mm dovetail rings don't have what I want so went to Weaver base rings, (Leupold QRW/PRW ringS/Weaver top-Mount ringS)which require a 11mm/weaver adapter.

Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with 11mm rings, I just like the options available with Weaver rings, and the low profile weaver base rings just L@@k so sleak compared to the 11mm dovetail rings. My opinion-your milage will vary....?


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