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R9 and HW50S (or others) in 22 caliber question

May 1 2011 at 2:09 PM

Chris in Tx  (Login doctorxring)

Hi Folks --

I've been away from air rifles for a while but have had the bug
bite again and want to get a light, mild-mannered springer in 22 caliber.

My plan for this rifle is sniping doves from known distances. 25 yards
maximum. This lets me off the hook for needing maximum power
or ultimate trajectory. My main concern in consistent accuracy.
So I want a somewhat compact, lightweight and smooth rifle.

Would you guys that have had shot the HW95-R9 and the HW50S (new model)
in 22 caliber say that there is a significant difference in these two rifles
in respect to shot cycle ? In words, which one is the most "R7 like" in
smoothness, noise, etc. Is it a significant difference ?

Also, do you have any other recommendations for other rifles to consider
in this class of medium/light weight springers in 22 caliber that are
also quality rifles ? I'm looking for feedback from guys that have shot
the guns.

thanks kindly, Chris


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(Login LexingtonGreg)

If you've been away a while

May 1 2011, 2:21 PM 

You'll want to know that RWS has a new and much improved trigger group for their springers designated "T06", and its making its way into most of their springers, but you have to be very careful and do your research to make sure you are getting a T06 equpiied gun before you order.

That being said, the new RWS 34 at Pyramyd for $216 brand new is a really good deal and should be on your short list.

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(Login JohnnySweden)

The HW50S without any dubt....

May 1 2011, 2:24 PM 

The 95 is a lot hotter in US spec, the HW50S is just about right performence wise for doves at that range you describe. Without any dubt the HW50S is more R7 then the HW95 that is sold as R9 in the US.

IMHO the HW50S (aka HW99) is a very underrated rifle, due to "low" performance. Its a simple enjoyable workhorse of very high quality with the Rekord trigger unit. Its not best in anything but its good enough in everything, making it an overall excellent choice.

Its easier to cock, smoother to shoot and with a lower report then the noticable more powerful HW95. This lower power output makes it easier and more forgiving to shoot with optimal accuracy.

Good value for money and rightfully a huge seller in Europe, unfortunly overseen and underrated in the US.


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Bryan Enoch
(Login BEnoch)

I would go with the R9

May 1 2011, 2:36 PM 

I would recommend the R9, which is going to give you more power for almost the same cocking force. Questionable target with the means you ask about though.

Shoot Safe,


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Mark 611
(Login AirkingMark)

I agree with Bryan the R9/ HW95 would be a better choice

May 1 2011, 2:56 PM 

my 95 after it broke in was only shooting 635fps and was very snooth shooting and accurate as I could shoot it, I lubed the spring thru the cocking slot only to get rid of the spring noise and was all I had done to the rifle and for a short range rifle out to 50yds this rifle is hard to beat, the 50's has the problem with the cocking arm rubbing the compression tube that will cut it badly over time unless you put the incert in it and the R gun don't have this problem!

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Rob Hawkins
(Login SpringGunTunes)

You can kill all the doves you can shoot with an HW50S .177.

May 1 2011, 2:50 PM 

Everything within 45 yards dies with mine shooting H&N FTT pellets. And most things beyond that. From squirrels to house sparrows. Doves at 25 yards is no problem.

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Bryan Enoch
(Login BEnoch)

Yeah...177 will nail them dead

May 1 2011, 2:54 PM 

Yes Rob, have to agree with you. I've shot simular sized birds at that range with a .177 R7 and never had one fail to drop right away. Accuracy is key. One little pellet or bird shot will end their day.

Shoot Safe,


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(Login Parallax7)

HW50S is the way to go for your needs

May 1 2011, 3:14 PM 

It is lighter and shorter(more 'carbine') than the R9, and it is the more mild mannered shooter of the two, very low hold sensitivity and at 25 yrds will slam those pigeons nicely with dead-nuts accuracy. Don't worry about the cocking, it's an easy rifle to cock, not hard at all and the "problems" associated with the cocking arm is easily handled in 15 minutes by ordering a $5.00 cocking arm slider from Jim Macarri and installing it very easily. Also down the road, if you decide to have it tuned or do a self tune, the Jim Macarri tune kits, spring and seal will put out about 635fps with 14.3g pellets and be as smooth as silk to shoot. One of the best "all around" rifles you can buy.

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(Login karlw)

For what you want, the HW50s is perfect!

May 1 2011, 5:15 PM 

I have an HW50s in .22 caliber. I also have an R7 in .177 caliber. I also HAD and R9 in .177 caliber, but later sold it.

You're talking about birds at a "maximum" of 25 yards, so there is no way that you would actually "need" anything more than the HW50s in either of the 2 calibers available.

My R7 is great, but there were a few times when I felt it was a little underpowered for squirrels. Especially with the velocity loss that takes place in Denver at 5,280 feet elevation.

That's why I got the 50s. I just wanted a little more "punch" and I really didn't need a lot more "range" either.

AoA chronied my particular Hw50s in .22 caliber at 540fps before they shipped it too me. I don't have a chrony, but I would guess that my 50s shoots the 14.3 grain, .22 pellets at almost EXACTLY the same velocity that my R7 spits out the little .177 8 grainers. So, in reality, that's quite a bit more "Whack" on the other end.

I've also shot Eric's HW50s that is in .177 caliber, when I was over at Kevin Lentz's house last October.

I felt practically zero twang, and virtually no vibration in Eric's .177 version nor in my .22 version. None.

The HW50s is very accurate and I do not find it to be "hold sensitive" at all. It is very easy to shoot well, even in box stock format.

Cocking effort is a lot more than the R7, however. Roughly 36 lbs of effort on the 50s, compared to roughly 20 lbs or so on the R7. It's not bad, but you WILL notice a difference, if you are shooting a lot of rounds over a short time period.

Both myself, and Erick, previously owned R9's. I "think" his was in .177 caliber, and I know that mine was. Both of us ended up selling our R9's because they felt very "hold sensitive" to us, and "vibrated" a lot, in stock form, at least in .177 caliber. And neither of us really needed the R9's increased horsepower.

Now, with all of that said, I would actually be very curious to see what an R9 would behave like, specifically in the .22 caliber, as it may be noticeably smoother, etc. than the .177 cal.

IMHO, the HW50s is almost as easy to shoot well, as the R7 is. I can't really say the same about the R9 in "untuned" condition. They can be made real sweet, but out-of-the-box, they can take quite a bit of practice to figure out exactly how they like to be held.

The 50s is kind of a "plain jane" looking HW springer. No checkering! What's up with that? sad.gif

Cocking effort is practically as high as the R9, but with not nearly the same power output in stock form.

But, in the end, the HW50s is shorter, lighter, slightly easier to cock, extremely accurate, much less "hold sensitive" and with less "vibration" than most stock, R9's. And it still has PLENTY of power for anything out to at least 35-40 yards minimum, and probably more than that for most critters.

Hope that helps a bit.

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(Login t165)


May 1 2011, 5:24 PM 

for the application you have described I would definately go with the HW50S. Not knocking the R9...it is a great springer. But the HW50S will handle pigeons out to 25 yards easily enough....and size, weight and cocking effort of the airgun is a concern of yours and those all fall favorably toward the HW50s. I recently added a Vortek Tune Kit to my HW50s and it made it a much smoother shooting springer. Happy shooting!

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Chris in Tx
(Login doctorxring)

I ordered an R9 from PyramidAir --

May 2 2011, 12:02 AM 


This was a tough decision, but I decided I would err on the side of
a bit too much rather that bit too little. I've got fox squirrels to deal
with too now and then.

I read some posts that the R9 is smoother with the 22 caliber. I would
like to shoot JSB Exacts as that is what I shoot in my 410 Carbine. I
saw a chrony test on SS where the result was 634 fps with the JSBE. That along with
the one poster here (Mark) that reported 635 fps and a smooth cycle. I would consider
this an excellent muzzle velocity.

I agree with the posters that thought a .177 would do the job. I agree as
I have an R7 that I've potted many doves with. But I just like the "fold-up"
of one spanked with a 22 better. I want this springer as a compliment to
my AA410 in caliber. Somedays I just want to shoot a springer. happy.gif

Thanks to all who posted here !

best, Chris


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