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Green Mountain Barrel for Marauder

June 1 2011 at 11:18 AM
scott  (Login styger)

I sent an email to Green Mountain about getting a 22 cal Marauder barrel. They will not make them individually but will make custom orders of a 100 or more. I was wondering if this would be something people would be interest in? I could send them my barrel to use as a blank. Are there 100 people interested in a Green Mountain 22 cal Marauder barrel? Does this make any sense to attempt a bulk buy?

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(Login 80grit)

sounds like it will be more...

June 1 2011, 11:26 AM 

trouble than it's worth, that's even if you could ever find one hundred people (highly unlikely). Probably better off switching to a .25 if you can't get a good .22 barrel. My .22 barrel was not too bad. I polished/lapped the inside and the groups improved. I think I was getting 1/2" groups at 35 yards, not great, but not bad. Good luck.

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(Login bowhunt)

Re: Green Mountain Barrel for Marauder

June 1 2011, 11:28 AM 

It would probably be a nightmare to round up a 100 names first, and would be a major pain to keep track of the list and contact info. Your best bet would be to order them yourself and then put the word out that you have them for sale. I don't think you would have any trouble selling 100 of them. What would be the individual cost?

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Cliff B
(Login hi-vel)

100 barrels? Might be like herding cats...

June 1 2011, 11:30 AM 

100 barrels is significant- what is the advantage over Lothar, which can be easily had with no buy-in? (Will they consistently shoot better- a fairly tall order, or will they be cheaper for the same performance?) The price of the barrel is only part of the equation of rebarreling- saving $20 on the barrel might only be 10% of the overall rebarreling cost.

Not trying to be negative, but I have actually had the experience of buying 50 barrels and waiting a number of years before they all sold. All the profit of the deal was wrapped in the last barrels sold. Convenience was really on the only gain (My convenience and being able to tell the customer the barrel was already in stock)

I would not do it (front for 100 barrels) myself, but if someone wanted to front the money and watch it set, I'm sure a few people would use the stash from time to time. Have you considered contacting an 'educated group' of potential user (the advertisers here would be a good start) and ask them what it would take to entice them to put money down- AND how many barrels do they replace in a year-- that's where separation will take care of the tire kickers.... I wish you luck. Cliff B.

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(Login Trojan1994)

Interesting, did they give you an idea of cost/do you have a price

June 1 2011, 11:40 AM 

for the finished retail price for buyers? Are they just going to copy the bore/rifling specs of the factory barrel?



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(Login styger)

twist rates

June 1 2011, 11:54 AM 

I was wondering the same thing on the barrel specs. Twist rates, rifling depth and choke length and size. Copy the crosman or not? I think it does sound like more hassel than reward.

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Re: Green Mountain Barrel for Marauder

June 1 2011, 11:42 AM 

I'm wondering how much each that order will break down to? If it's reasonable I'll take one and I'm sure others would be interested also again depending on the price ? Green Mountain make excellent barrels of all kinds like their PB 10/22. I'm sure they wont cost anywhere near the LWs price.

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mark in mass
(Login mark6869)

Most already committed LW barrel`s

June 1 2011, 12:09 PM 

Jim Gaska is in the middle of putting together LW`s for marauder owners
(marmot militia)I`m committed as are many others.Kind of bad timing mark in mass.

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(Login julienko3)

Count me in for that one. n/t

June 1 2011, 12:46 PM 


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(Login AlanMcD)

Which one - not clear

June 1 2011, 1:10 PM 

If it is Jim's project, scroll down and let him know - his post is "M-rod Group Buy Update" near the bottom, or maybe on page 2. Other details are in later posts with similar anme - search "Group Buy".

If it is here, let Scott know.

Scott - Like Mark, I'm "committed" to Jim's LW purchase, although technically nobody is truly committed to that yet - he still is on the data gathering phase building the first couple of prototypes for testing. Once that is done, he will take firm orders.

Details on the Green Mountain barrel would be intersting - their specs milled to fit would be interesting, but I agree that simply recreating the Crosman barrel is not of much interest.

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(Login styger)

I am interested in what Jim is doing

June 1 2011, 2:31 PM 

as well. However, I think I would have started with the 12mm barrel blanks and not the 16mm blanks. I also would have gone with the factory dimensions on the barrel. Aside from the added weight and noise issues. The biggest reason being if anything breaks or needs replaced you could then purchase standard parts. If there are issues with custom parts you will need custom work. I hope it works well with the bigger barrel and the noise levels do not go up much. If that is the case I may buy one myself. I was just looking at other options and do not intend on pursuing this any further.

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John Lucas
(Login jlucas50)

How about requesting blanks in .22 instead of....

June 1 2011, 1:39 PM 

custom to the Marauder?

"Silence is the only thing that can hinder the Truth"

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Tom Weigenant
(Login tominMPLS)

Bingo! That would be my choice.

June 1 2011, 4:56 PM 

Why limit those fine barrels to one platform? It would be well worth while, I would think, for GM to just cut blanks that anyone can use. The cost should be a lot less for a straight blank. Their are a lot of guys out there that could use the business to turn the barrel to fit your particular needs.


"What, me worry?"

"If I were two faced would I be wearing this one?" - Abe Lincoln

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(Login Springer_177)

The key (aside from # of buyers) is specifing the barrel. Who knows how?

June 1 2011, 5:16 PM 

Crosman obviously does, as does BSA, LW, HW, and a few other manufacturers. But, who else? I sure do not and would not know what a good spec looked like.

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(Login jct842)

pushing rope up to herd the cats

June 1 2011, 6:07 PM 

after one got the hundred and to see all of those who would back out would drive me nuts if I was running the deal. and all the excuses that would come in, lost job, wife found out, cut my finger, sold the gun, broke the gun, 5 Wednesdays in the month and on and on! all have to pay in advance and then get accused of running a scam!

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