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Slavia ZVP ???

August 10 2011 at 9:30 AM
Daysailer  (Login Daysailer)

Found a ZVP at a local pawn shop. $70 ish.

Anyone know of value in decent shape?
Accuracy ?

Dont know if it shoots.
Any issues to look for ?


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Matt Donovan
(Login Matt_Donovan)

I have one!

August 10 2011, 10:22 AM 

It shoots about 400 ft/sec but hits high. With the rear sight all the way down, it's on at 7 yds but high at 10 yds. It's very well made but a stiff trigger and recoil prevents me from getting good accuracy out of it. $70 seems high to me.

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(Login ZVP)

Re: Slavia ZVP ???

August 10 2011, 11:27 AM 

 Depending on the condition and if it works, they usually go $55-60. Unless this one has a box or something offer him $60.

 I have a pretty nice ZVP that I resprung with a new spring (Just to be sure I had full power) Yes they shoot high @ 10m but are capable of some very long shots and that's where these big old pistols shine! 20-25 yard sodacans are easyhits!

 They are a "sort of" copy of the old Diana model 3  done by the Czhec's and are very well built. All steel and wood and look at the wide steel trigger! Jus a fine old airpistol that'll last forever (leather seals). Dependable as a clawhammer! A nice add to anyones pistol collection.

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(Login bsagunner)

ZVP where did you buy the spring for the ZVP? nt

August 10 2011, 8:03 PM 

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(Login Daysailer)

Took a second look today...

August 10 2011, 9:48 PM 

It is in pretty good shape visually.

Serial # starts 386xx.

While there the counter guy, cocked it and was getting ready
to dry fire it....I stopped him. explained that was not a
good for springer type airgunns. Showed him how to release
the sear by putting the barrel back to the cocking/loading
position and with good grip and tension on the barrel, pulled
the trigger to release the sear and returned the barrel to
closed position. Counter guy said that other 'lookers' had
dry fired it. Cha-ching, I said my possible offer just dropped
by half.

Anyone know of a source of seals or spring for the ZVP ?

MD and ZVP Thanks for the info

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