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Will an Olympic 10m air rifle event shooter hit all 40 targets in Silhouette?

July 31 2012 at 5:01 AM
Davex  (Login steeldreams007)

as easily as counting peanuts?

I do not mean no disrespect, I know their targets at the 10 meter event is ten times smaller than the period in this sentence, but I am just wondering a few idle thoughts.

Ten chickens at 20 yards, ten boars 30yards, ten turkeys 36yards, and ten rams at 45yards how easy would they be to an Olympian 10 meter shooter?

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(Login daisy0)

I shot with a young girl here in Australia

July 31 2012, 6:24 AM 

That has going away with Australian shooting teams shooting 10m air & 3p rimfire and she never shot a 40. Also have only ever heard of 3 40s in the last 5 years .

Outside, no special cloths, limited stock designing, make it a lot harder game. Mine you they would still kick most peoples butt.


And if I don't see you tomorrow--HELLO

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(Login PhilR.)

Re: Will an Olympic 10m air rifle event shooter hit all 40 targets in Silhouette?

July 31 2012, 8:24 AM 

If an Olympic-caliber shooter would spend as much time and effort into silhouette shooting as they do in 10m, then I would think that hitting 40 on a very regular basis is very possible.

But don't think that one of these shooters could just come over to a silhouette range and bang out a 40. The games are much too different. The equipment is much too different. You can't be an expert at something if you haven't done it before.

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Charlie in CT
(Login ar6man)

My neighbor's an olympic level shooter...

July 31 2012, 8:47 AM 

he came over to my home range from across the street and we competed at 35 yards. I kicked his butt... him using that fancy olympic grade stuff and me with my trusty Benjamin Trail NP XL.. I should be shooting for gold right now if there were justice in the world... lololol

Seriously folks, I HAVE shot in the state championships in 10 meter air pistol. I shot right next to Larry Clark, who at the time was ranked 18th in the nation. These people are AMAZING marksmen/women and their shooting skills are something to behold. Any game they get used to they're going to dominate in short order.


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(Login homology)

Probably not 40 on first attempt,but better than most of us!

July 31 2012, 10:01 AM 

10m shooters are incredibly specialist in their training and approach-- or at least the good ones are-- and for most of their lives they have not handled anything but match rifles with iron sights and all the paraphernalia of jackets, shoes and gloves. They are used to that feel and feel matters a lot for that kind of ultra-precision shooting. A sudden transition to a jacketless state and a sporter stocked rifle with a scope, will probably cost them a few points initially. But that said, these people are the finest offhand shooters in the world and they will adapt very very quickly because their fundamentals are incredibly strong. Whether that will lead to an immediate 40 is an interesting question!


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(Login Bowman26)

I would have to say Nope. Consider Lones Wigger was Olympic Champ and shot sils.

July 31 2012, 10:04 AM 

I don't recall him shooting any perfect 40/40 scores in Smallbore Silhouette, not sure if he ever tried air rifle. I heard he once missed his 1st match shot on a chicken and then proceeded to shoot the next 39 straight. This is a man with World Records, World Championships and Multiple Trips to the Olympics and Medals, only Shooter in Olympic HOF.

Another dominate Smallbore Silhouette shooter is Cathy Winstead who shot at Olympic levels for Running Boar along with Troy Lawton. They have each shot a couple 40's in competition and that is out of a lot of competitions.

Lones has said that Silhouette is one of the most difficult shooting sports. When you factor in only a loose fitting vest to wear, the wind and outdoor conditions and the increased distances all at odd shaped targets it gets tricky quick. Consider that scoring ring targets give you a score regardless of hitting a little high or low it will still score a 7 or 8, whereas you lay a silhouette over that ring target and you can see just how many places you can totally miss the silhouette target but still score points on the rings. You can put 11 .22 bullets through the hole in the legs of the pig at one time without touching the sides if that gives you some idea.

There is no doubt they have the hold and trigger control to do well in silhouette right away but they will need to learn to read conditions something no 10m shooter concerns themselves with now. They have never had a pellet drift 3"+ left to right before indoors much less had their entire bodies and rifles pushed off target by the wind alone.

All that said very few perfect scores are ever shot in any silhouette rifle type or class. High Power has been around the longest and still not a single 40 has ever been shot.

I have been to a lot of matches and I have yet to see a perfect score shot in air or Smallbore and this is with some of the very best offhand shooters in the country at these matches.

If you can make Master Class in multiple rifle types shooting silhouette you can consider yourself in the top couple percent of offhand shooters anywhere IMHO.



A website dedicated to Air Rifle, Small Bore and High Power Silhouette shooting in the Gulf South states. Check it out!

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Mike Aber
(Login Boomer_Mikey)

I Agree with Dee's Comments

July 31 2012, 12:43 PM 

The wind conditions at our range in Concord, CA almost guarantee no one will ever shoot a perfect score in Airgun Silhouette. Wind at our range comes over a wall and swirls in eddies across the range... wind flags at each air pistol and air rifle target rail are all pointing in different directions at any given moment until the wind stops and I've never seen the wind stop during daylight hours. We haven't had scores in the 30's/40 yet... an 80 round National match perfect score would be an amazing feat that's IMO not possible. Indoor matches could be a different story altogether.

Smallbore Silhouette is another story too, IMO it's easier to accomplish a perfect scores as wind conditions are less of a factor. We have several good smallbore silhouette shooters that regularly shoot 30's/40.

Airguns are a gas


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