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Webley Rebel?

November 9 2012 at 9:38 AM

Andy  (Login airgunandy)

A Webley multi-pump air rifle.
Anyone here own one or even see one in person?



I plink, therefore I am.

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David Enoch
(Login DavidEnoch)

We have a new pumper in town!

November 9 2012, 10:27 AM 

Funny, I was just getting ready to post the same thing
We have a new pumper in town!

David Enoch


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(Login Whiteleather)

Its the Puma Innova.

November 9 2012, 10:53 AM 

I understand it is simply a low powered Puma Sharp Innova from China made for the sub 12fpe folks.

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Tim A.
(Login windtek)

I owned one for a short time

November 9 2012, 11:28 AM 

I purchased one in a package deal from a local friend. I only shot it for one day maybe 50 pellets give or take a few. Overall the gun is built decent the plastic stock and forearm seem like durable plastic similar to a Hammerli 850. The pump arm Is built sturdy I think it would hold up very well over time. The sights are cheaply made but do the job. I liked the breech it was very easy to load the small .177cal pellets. The gun seemed decent in the accuracy department I was mainly shooting RWS Hobby at 25 to 30 feet with open sights and getting nickel size groups from a bag rest. The gun pumps fairly hard after the first few strokes so for a younger shooter this might be an issue. The trigger was decent even with 8 or 9 pumps in the gun it was smooth and predictable. At $130 shipped I think it's a decent little gun with nice power. I have way to many guns and prefer older Crosman pumps that's why I sold it after playing with it for a day. Tim A.

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jvc (echochap)
(Login echochap)

If you read the British mags, Nigel Allen has a review in

November 9 2012, 11:49 AM 

Airgun Shooter this month. Even if you think the UK publications have too much hype, the specs are there and lots of pics.


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(Login LexingtonGreg)

Too bad they're not offering the .22 version

November 9 2012, 12:04 PM 

That gun has been out for a while, there's a .22 version too, but I guess they're not sending them here. If it was avaliable in .22, I would have already bought one. Overall I think its a fair price, who knows...it might be the next budget concious favorite like the Crosman 22XX/13XX or the QB.

Its been on the Airguns of Arizona website for a while, you can't hotlink directly to it, but its there...


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Dick Tracey
(Login DT4321)

Re: Webley Rebel?

November 10 2012, 6:52 PM 


I purchased a Webley Rebel .177 from AOA. Below is a link to my finale review of the rifle. In that link is a link to the first of 6 other parts of the review.

[Removed link to disallowed forum]

I hope linking to another forum is ok.

I was interested to see that one poster was getting nickel sized groups. I think the Airgun Shooter indicated that the .22 caliber would be out in Dec.

I really like my Rebel but I still would like to see a little better accuracy. I think I will save up for the .22 cal one if it shows up in this country. I would like to see a wood stock.


Dick Tracey

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Darry Hartsock
(Login DarryH)

I have been playing with one...

November 11 2012, 2:11 AM 

The biggest reason I can't get better groups...those big, ugly, fiber optic sights.
There is little precision with them. Of couse.....lots of guns are coming out this way now.

I want to scope this one, as I am pretty sure it is going to be very accurate.
I only have 20 feet to shoot, and I can get 3 out of 5 touching, with the other two making the groups
penny and dime sized.
Max pumps is 7, but 4 seems to be pretty powerful.

Suppose a steroid tune will become available???????

So far....very fun, and I feel it is worth the price.
Still waiting on the .22.

I always ask the reps to offer .20 and .25 also.

Good Shootin!!

"....Let your gun, therefore, be the constant companion on your walks.
Thomas Jefferson

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Dick Tracey
(Login DT4321)

Re: I have been playing with one...

November 11 2012, 8:00 AM 

I agree with a .25 cal. I now have a Bug Buster scope on it but still get the odd flyers at 60'. I have read in forums about the Sharp and Innova rifles beein very accurate. Could be with a little more seasoning the barrel may come through. I have noticed that the pivot pin on the pump handle is getting loose.

I have also found out that some pellets want to jam when closing the bolt. If you rotate the rifle so barrel is on bottom and parallel with the ground the pellet will straighten out and bolt will close easily. Also if you put pellet on top of bolt and keep very light pressure on it while releasing the bolt to open it the pellet will fall right into breach. The reason for pressure on top of pellet is to keep it from flying away.



Dick Tracey

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(Login jrmoreau)

I'm okay with the Webley Rebel

November 24 2013, 12:29 AM 

I've found that a lot of my superficial grievances with this air rifle (some quality issues with the fit and finish) are outweighed by the punch this thing delivers and how accurate I find it to be. At 25 yards I'm knocking pretty much any small game down at will. For the price, it's a good deal. Sometimes I wish I paid a little more for a Sheridan or Crosman 392, but such is life...

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