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The Hawke ChairGun Pro V4.0.1 update . . .

December 3 2012 at 7:15 AM
HarrysLad  (Login HarrysLad)

. . . is now available for download from http://www.hawkeoptics.com.

* Enhancements . . .
In line with various suggestions from this forum (thanks to Scott in CO and Larry) the Reticle View has additional items in the popup menu to affect the appearance of the left-hand-side of the reticle image - also an option to turn Rounding on/off (but I've restricted rounding to reticle ranges greater than 100 Yards/Metres). These changes are also reflected in the ScopeCap image which now has a choice of colours for the ranges and zero.
The 'Windage' table option has now been replaced to display a table of the current setup in terms of units, moa, clicks, milliradians and (if a mil-dot reticle is currently selected) Mil-Dots. These same parameters can be overlaid on the Windage graph by selecting from the Embellishments main menu option.
A similar enhancement has been applied to the Crosswind Analysis table.

* Bug fixes
These are almost exclusively centred around the Metric Units option and especially where the user is located in some region where a comma is used for the decimal separator - rather than a period - or, for some reason, the user has the computer set up that way. Overlooking the significance of this has lead to several problems in V4.0.0; crash on startup (fixed in the V4.0.0 refresh), inability to read the pellet database, etc. These problems - to the best of my knowledge - have now been resolved.
Additionally, the Scope Tape applet and Optimum Zero Range item now work correctly. (Thanks Vasilis)

* To do
I've yet to improve the Visualisation applet (as suggested by Larry) since it involves a lot of effort and I am, at this moment, more concerned with correcting bugs and making ChairGun4 accessible to everyone. However, this will be completed in the next upgrade.

Please uninstall V4.0.0 properly before installing V4.0.1

Suggestions/comments/etc. are always welcome.


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Scott in CO
(Login scottdecapio)

COOL! Thanks! (nt)

December 3 2012, 10:12 AM 


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thank you. looking forward to the visualization view. nt

December 3 2012, 11:27 AM 

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Brian Stafford
(Login gunnerKY)

Please make Android support a top priority

December 3 2012, 2:37 PM 

Hey Dave,

I cant thank you enough for your dedication to this software. Its the best tool Ive found yet and absolutely invaluable for us.

I recently changed from iPhone to android and feel naked with out my ChairGun!!!

I use it so frequently, Im actually considering buying an ipod just to have this app with me at the range and in the field.

I know you mentioned there was a plan to support in the future, but can you elaborate on the timeline?

It will help me make a decision on necessity of purchasing an ipod.

Thanks again!


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(Login HarrysLad)

ChairGun Mobile and Android

December 3 2012, 5:37 PM 

iPhone to Android, eh?

Much as I hate putting money into Apple's collective pockets, the Android mobiles that I've seen don't come close. Just me then . . . wink.gif

The Good News: once I can rid myself of my current iOS woes, I'll be back to Android development again.

The Not-So-Good-News: the first product will be an Android version of Hawke's BRC (since it's simpler, puts me well up the learning curve and is 25% done already).

Given a good run over Christmas, BRC should be ready by mid/late January . . . ChairGun five or six weeks later.
I suppose the one real benefit of Android development (over iOS) is that the upgrade/bug-fix/enhancement cycle is much speedier since revisions won't get tangled up in Apple's review process. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing though.

Sorry if that's not you wanted to hear ...


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Jan Vandenberg
(Login batguano)

thanks for the continued work on this excellent software!!! n/t

December 3 2012, 8:51 PM 

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