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Crosman MK-177 ... Anyone Own One??? ... MK-177 VS M4-177 Performance???

June 1 2013 at 12:51 PM

A.O. Martinez  (Login aom22)

I'm very interested in learning how the real world performance of the MK-177 compares to an M4-177.

I currently own a M417 equipped with aftermarket peep sights.
And, a M4-177 with a 6X telescopic sight.
I was considering purchasing another M4-177 to mount at least a 10X optic along with some
performance modifications.
In an attempt to approach 600fps with a 7.9gr pellet with no more than 10-strokes of compression.

To this end, I've been patiently waiting for the MK-177 to make its debut and save me the trouble
of having to modify an M4-177.
So far, the postings I've read of the MK-177 by very new owners has not been encouraging.


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(Login captiveherps)


June 1 2013, 1:10 PM 

Are they both not just reworked 760's ?


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A.O. Martinez
(Login aom22)

MK-177 Has Improved Valve ... Should Yield Higher Performance???

June 1 2013, 1:48 PM 

Wondering, whether the MK-177 produces significantly greater velocity - or not.

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(Login robnewyork)


June 1 2013, 2:00 PM 

green crosman forum on network 54 had a review

[linked image]
"i never was much for book learnin"

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A.O. Martinez
(Login aom22)

Reviews I've Found So Far

June 1 2013, 3:05 PM 

This is all I've been able to find.
For me, two reviews aren't enough information to come to a definitive conclusion..
However, from what I've seen so far,  it's looking a little better for the MK-177.

Crosman MK177 Unbox and Quick Review

So the official report is this: Using RWS HOBBY 7.0g Pellets. 5 shots. 10 pumps.
High 606.3
Low 581.8
Avg 594.5
ES 24.49
SD 9.59
I did not shoot BBs.
Update on my mk-177 View Thread
Way sturdier and is more powerful I think than the m4-177.
I was really hoping someone on the YELLOW might be able to shed some more insight into my MK-177 vs M4-177 question.

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(Login captiveherps)

Re: Reviews I've Found So Far

June 1 2013, 4:08 PM 

Its fugly with the carry handle added


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A.O. Martinez
(Login aom22)

Leapers M16/AR15 Aftermarket Rear Sight for MK-177

June 1 2013, 5:15 PM 

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dan house
(Login dan_house)

Green Members opnion not good enough for ya? nt

June 6 2013, 6:38 PM 


dr_subsonic's pneumatic research lab
[linked image]
the Lunatic Fringe of American Airgunning
Southwest Montana's headquarters for Airgunning Supremacy
Proud Sponsor of team_subsonic

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(Login Revwarnut)

M4-177 is a 760 in a cheap suit... MK-177 is just in a cheap tuxedo...

June 1 2013, 5:05 PM 

I'd rather have the NP-177 over either of those given such a limited choice of options...


Or the MTR77 which looks similar to both of them and is probably an TR77 NP in a suit... lol!



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A.O. Martinez
(Login aom22)

Re: M4-177 is a 760 in a cheap suit ... My M4 Works for Me Practicing for My Job

June 1 2013, 5:32 PM 

You are correct about the M4-177 ... tarted-up 760 ... but, the inexpensive Crosman M4 works well-enough for me.

Originally Posted by aom22
I've been shooting my M417 with iron sights on a semi-regular basis - weather and time permitting.
A week and and a half ago, I went through firearms re-qualification training.
I must say that ... without a doubt ... I did better this year than last year.

In-fact, among all the officers in the group I was firing with ... I did the best.
I'm 61 years old - just celebrated my latest birthday on the 12JAN2013.
I can reasonably attribute my success at out-shooting my fellow officers directly to the
practice afforded by my M417 with Leaper's Match sights.

For the last few weeks, I've been making a concerted effort to fire a minimum of four-clips
per evening with my iron sighted M417.
My efforts have paid-off and justify the reason why I purchased a Crosman M417/M4-177.

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Brushy Bill
(Login BrushyBill)

I would have to agree, it is a nice training tool

June 1 2013, 10:23 PM 

I would be interested in trying the MTR77NPC
break barrel. Wonder how the adjustable two stage trigger is.
[linked image]

My M417 at 10 meters it is a great shooter,
I wish I had it when I was shooting NRA
high power matches (service rifle class)
Would be better if I could get it to 14 pounds
like my AR was.

Here is a target I shot for a match on another
forum on April 14th. They have a 20 minute time limit for 20
shots standing. I was shooting on 10 pumps, I always take
two breaths after getting on target. My last shot,
as I was releasing the second breath, the
sight was almost to the 6:00 position and
my timer went off. 19 shots down range, one "saved round"
190 8X of 200 shooting 8.2gr Meisterkugeln
[linked image]
At 10 meters, they go where ya call them. I always use
the same magazine cavity when shooting these matches, some
have said their point of impact changes across the magazine,
cant say I have noticed it, but got into the routine of doing it.

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