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Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical PCP Air Rifle

September 25 2013 at 4:01 AM
NRN2011  (Login nitinnelapudi)

$70 off from pyramid making this a solid $500 investment in my opinion. I have heard good and bad things about hatsan. I'll tell you one thing...it seems like it has it all. There was (or still is) a model on the hatsan webpage thats shows an ATT44 10 with adjustable butt pad (the Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical PCP Air Rifle does not have this from what I can tell). I consider an adjustable butt pad a must for any pcp rifle from my experience the adjustable feature really does help. Now the Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical PCP Air Rifle has everything else I want except for this. I made a mistake of not buying a hammerli pnuema when they went on sale, so I pulled the trigger and bought this gun. I like the side lever feature and the adjustable lop stock. I also like the open sights and the high velocity figures, especially since they advertise using heavier pellets. Does anyone have this gun? I also am a big fan of regulators, and will be looking into getting one. Off the head, Joe Korick comes to mind...Does anyone have any other suggestions?

here's the website


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(Login Normanmp)

Looks interesting.

September 25 2013, 4:36 AM 

Been looking back and forth on these for a while. Let us know what you think. I have heard good things about the altaros reg in these seems like a very simple install as well

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Greg Young
(Login gy954)

Re: Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical PCP Air Rifle

September 25 2013, 4:30 PM 

I had a Hammerli Pneuma Elite-10 in .22 back when they were rebranding the Hatsan AT44. It had great accuracy and pretty good punch, plus it is a side-lever--a nice change from the standard bolt e.g. of the Marauder. I probably shouldn't have sold it.

But wait a minute! That Hammerli cost me $359.95, and that was just a couple years ago. The same gun today costs $399.95, and that Tactical model is another hundred dollars, at $499.95. For that extra cash you get a sling, bipod, and 3 clips [sic]. ("Clips"? Really Pyramyd, "CLIPS"?)

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(Login BuckoFama)

Noise level} 5 High probably have to invest in some quiet nt.

September 25 2013, 9:42 PM 

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