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FX Indy (bullpup) .25 Cal Review

November 21 2013 at 10:06 AM

sharp-shinned  (Login sharp-shinned)

Hey guys. Gun came in the mail a couple weeks ago...spent a lot of time with it...and the verdict is finally in! Its nearly perfect. Here's the summary:

I purchased this gun for three main reasons. 1. I wanted a super accurate long range pump...hunting gun in .25 cal. 2. It was dang cool looking and lighter that my Matador (if you include the weight of a mini omega bottle in my pack for extended trips). 3. I wanted the freedom I have with my old Sheridan .20 Blue Streak.

My setup: FX Indy .25 Cal bullpup. Vortex Viper HS LR 6-24X50. Atlas bipod, Claw sling with Blackhawk rail mount adapter. JSB exact kings. Right out of the box and went to work.

What I love: Super accurate (stacking pellets at close range, 1/2" @50 yds, 3/4" @75 yds no problem! Confident those will tighten if I used my lead sled instead of just the bipod on a picnic table against my shoulder) Great looking. nice feel to the stock. Shoulders well. Shorter than the rifle (independence) so when the sling is on my shoulder the barrel is even with the top of my head for navigating brush. Seems tough and rugged. I've yanked it off the shelf by the scope, the stock, the sling in a rush to get a starling. Still holding its POI. 7 pumps between shots to keep it right at my preferred 2700 psi. Pumps smooth and firm. Absolutely love it. .25 cal is the perfect knock down power for me and my area. (Starlings, skunks, pigeons, raccoons...and the occasional target). Love the scope and the reticle. Perfect focus at close range too...love the MOA refs.

What I would change: The rail on the front of the stock. Won't allow proper bite. A known issue from Tedsholdover, but still a bummer. Milled the slots with a dremel in about 20 minutes of careful grinding. It was easy and now all attachments fit nicely.

Still need to chrony...try different pellets...all that jazz. Will try to make time for photos and more detail down the road when my chores are done. Stay tuned. All my other guns have become dusty since I got this!

[linked image]
[linked image]

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Matt Hayes
(Login c670809)


November 21 2013, 11:47 AM 

When I look at the AOA site it is clear that the .22 has the power adjuster but I don't see it on either the .25 or the .30.

Does the .25 have the adjuster?


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(Login sharp-shinned)

Re: adjustable?

November 21 2013, 12:00 PM 

Yes it does. Haven't tried any different settings. Just the max setting.

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Nomadic Pirate
(Login manny6666)

Pictures brother, pictures

November 21 2013, 1:18 PM 

C'mon you know better than that, LOL

A reliable family of Evanix mean Hunters

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(Login sharp-shinned)

Re: Pictures brother, pictures

November 21 2013, 2:25 PM 

You got it. Done.

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(Login anewguy)

thanks for the review

November 21 2013, 1:48 PM 

This is the first Indy bullpup review I've seen.

I had an Independence rifle a while back. Loved the accuracy
but the pump died on me. Hopefully the new ones will have
a good pump that can handle heavy duty use.

If they fixed the issue, it can be the ultimate gun: compact,
accurate, and self sustained.

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(Login Hmeister)

How many shots

November 21 2013, 4:12 PM 

Nice review. How many shots before you put another 7 pumps in?

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(Login sharp-shinned)

Re: How many shots

November 21 2013, 6:33 PM 

I like to pump between each shot...childhood habit from a Sheridan. With the .25 cal at high power...it needs 6-7 pumps. I can shoot 5 shots with no pump...then I need to pump it back up again. But, most of the time I shoot...pump...then hunt some more. Typically farmland pest control stuff. I haven't messed around with the mid or low settings yet.

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(Login Kdog2hunt)

Thanks for the review....

November 21 2013, 6:12 PM 

I've been waiting to hear more about the .25 Indy since its release.I also think the .25 is a excellent caliber for pest control in my area.Since I use the .25 for strictly a hunting caliber I feel the Indy may be a Very good choice in a hunting rifle.What I am interested in is how many .25 shots can you take in a row before the gun needs pumped back up,,,I would hope 3.Just in case you would have to get a quick follow up shot to dispatch a critter or perhaps a quick follow up after the dreaded miss.Would you happen to know the total weight of your rifle scoped and does it need a sling?

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(Login sharp-shinned)

Re: Thanks for the review....

November 21 2013, 6:38 PM 

4-5 shots no problem. Perfect right? I think so.

I like the sling...not required...for me, its just because I'm so used to having one on my deer hunting rifles. Its just nice to throw in on my shoulder for a long walk down by the lake.

I bought this setup because it IS light. My lightest hunting gun in my matador...but, with a mini tank...which I have to take on long walks...the FX indy is now the lightest setup for an adult, super accurate, semi auto, dang cool looking pellet gun! I love this thing.

Matador + omega mini tank=10.0 lbs
FX indy + no tank = 9.0 lbs.....My winner!

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(Login w.e.wonka)

Impressive gun: here is some more information on FPE, pumping strokes etc

November 22 2013, 9:36 AM 

The more I read about this gun the more impressed I am. It looks like a great combination of power and unlimited tank-free shooting (once pressurised).

I'm really impressed by the power levels for a "pumper". Here is a link that shows what FPE you can expect for .22, .25, .30 FX Independence (not the Indy, but performance seems very similar) - and how many pumps you need.


7-10 pumps for each 70-120 FPE shot (.25 or .30 cal) seems pretty good to me. What do you think?

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