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Scope recoil question....

February 16 2017 at 1:29 PM
DonC  (Login DonC)

Will a Simmons 6.5 X 20 X 44 (MAG 44) hold up to the recoil of a factory RWS 52 rifle?
This scope is the same as Whitetail by Simmons but it has target turrets.

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Joe Wayne Rhea
(Login JoeWayneRhea)

I honestly wouldn't think so

February 16 2017, 2:06 PM 

That gun gas a reputation as a scope killer and its deserved . It could last a very long time , but then again it could wreck it on the first shot . I'm pretty sure that scopes not springer rated . But if you still have the box and the receipt why not ? Long as its under warranty

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(Login rich177)


February 16 2017, 3:17 PM 

+1 The RWS 52 is one of the harshest recoiling spring guns unless detuned.

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(Login JohnG10)

52 or 56 ?

February 16 2017, 6:04 PM 

The 56 is the gun with the "scope killer" reputation. It's the one where the barrel slides on a rail, so the stock stays stable during recoil - making it MUCH easier to shoot accurately. Unfortunately, it also means the weight of the stock doesn't dampen the recoil forces on the scope either. So the scope gets LOTS more recoil shock.

The 52 is the same as the 48, but with an upgraded stock that has checkering on the forearm, and a high check piece.
The barrel is firmly bolted on the stock, and does not slide on rails.
So the recoil of the 52 and 48 are no worse than any other magnum springer.

The 48 and 52 both definitely need a springer rated scope.
But any springer rated scope should be fine.

The 56 needs a springer rated scope with VERY robust lens holders.
The SWFA Super Sniper scopes and the Vortex Diamondback scope have good track records on the 56.

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(Login Twentycal1)

I have had plenty of Simmons scopes on springers with no problems.

February 16 2017, 6:46 PM 

It is the model Diana 54 and 56's that have the reputations as scope busters due to their movable "sled" actions which are hard on scopes. The 52 should be fine on your scope as it is a standard springer action.

.2 happy.gif 1

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(Login RockDoc65)

Personally witnessed two fail on rimfires.

February 16 2017, 11:34 PM 

I had this exact scope on a very heavy .22 LR (H&R Model M12). This is an almost recoil-less combination. A friend had an identical scope on an identical rifle. Both failed at the five-year mark. By failed I mean they began shooting "binary" groups implying erector spring failure.

Your mileage on a magnum, spring-piston rifle may, and will likely vary.

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(Login JamesDingle777)

No scope is made as well as they use to be. Redfield came back

February 17 2017, 9:07 AM 

and they're junk compared to old ones. As I hear it told from a master tuner, one of the best scopes you can buy for under $500 is a Bushnell 4200. they are precisely repetitive, use hardened erector springs, pins. Truly a good scope.
I'm not a Hawke fanatic; but they have AWESOME customer service. If your spring gun kills a Hawke, you call, tell them, send it in with IR # and they send you a new one. No problems. That being said, I'm not a HUGE fan of scoping spring guns due to all the problems I had 8 years ago in the beginning of my serious Air Gun days.
Creep with cheap rings or mount (clean dovetail with Acetone, alcohol has petroleum distillates) use a good mount. On your Diana they make a mount with droop or without it that hangs over the front of the rail and has Weaver rail on it. It's not creeping anywhere.
On my Diana 48 I have a 17.1 compensated droop overhang mount and a Hawke Airmax 4x12x40 with AMX reticle. No problems ever, but if I do, I have the box and receipt and they will honor their warranty.
Hawke has even honored warranties on Hawke scopes that I've bought off of Yellow. Someone could have returned it and had a brand new one. I got it cheap, then I got a brand new one with no problems. Win win for me. Just my opinion, which doesn't count for much. Hope it helps.
A Simmons. If it doesn't say "Air Gun Rated/compatible" I would NOT put it on a magnum spring gun. These common scopes may last on a R7/ R9, HW30/HW50 and especially if the rifles are tuned well with the right pellet and smooth shot cycle; but, don't expect a non air gun rated scope to last on a magnum springer for very long at all. It's almost like fishing for a Shark with 3 pound test. Wrong equipment for the job doesn't get the job done well if at all. Good luck.
Edit: OK, you have a 52, which is the same action as my 48 but a fancier stock. Is your gun tuned? This is up to you. One poster above says he's had no problems with Simmons on most springers (non sled hard snap type) but if you void the warranty by putting it on an Air gun, I don't know what they'd say. Don't know their customer service. You can always say your Rem 700 broke it. You can do anything you want. I personally have learned that a spring gun needs a good spring gun rated scope if longevity, accuracy, repeatability, precision are my goals. I really have to say Hawke is top notch with warranty. Their optics are NOT bad. If I knew now what I didn't know then, I'd scope every magnum springer with a Hawke Airmax. Leapers and UTG hold up well also. I know nothing of their warranties though.

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(Login garczar)


February 17 2017, 4:46 PM 

As of '08 Redfield scopes are built in the U.S. by Leupold. Not a big line-up but very well made scopes. From '97 to '08 was when they were made off-shore and yes, some were not too hot.

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(Login JamesDingle777)

OK, Thank you, that explains that. I did not own an after 08 one. N/T

February 17 2017, 8:18 PM 

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Michael Edelman
(Login mje1066)

Re: Scope recoil question....

February 20 2017, 5:33 PM 

I've had my 6.5-20x44 Simmons on my HW77 for a year, and then on my Maccari-tuned TX200 for the last 19 years. Holding up well. The TX200 was set at 14 foot-pounds, which is a little lower than the stock 52, but its still held up for 20 years open springers.

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