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Got my Beeman Super 12 MK2 / Theoben Rapid (Mk2?)

April 20 2017 at 8:16 PM

db  (Login Diamondback)

I got the rig, & it seems to be a blend of MK1 & MK2 features.

For example, the action has the scalloped top corners of the MK2, but the straight cut mag slot & small cocking wear plate (held in with a single screw) of the Mk1.

I still need to determine if it has a reg, or if that's just a bottle connector between action & bottle.

Seems to have the Anschutz trigger, with a single pin thru the action / receiver & 1 allen screw holding it in, along with the safety on the upper right side of the action / stock.

Trigger is very nice, even after recently spoiling my trigger finger with a couple thousand pellets using a brace of Daystate mouse-click electronic triggers.

After picking it up for a little more than the price of some tuned Mrods I've seen sell recently, I'm happy, even if it turns out it's not regged.

20cal H&N 13.58gr pellets at an avg of 963 fps is 29 ft lbs...& Loud, so I haven't been able to shoot it much, yet.

Many thanks to all who have posted & contacted me to educate me on Rapids & their variants...(especially you, Scott) happy.gif


Long ago I posted I liked the look of John Darlings little Rapid 7, & here we are, a while later, & I now have a relative of the little Rapid 7.


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Joe Brancato <>< AirTanksForSale.com
(Login n6yyo)

That's a true MK2, with Anschutz trigger

April 21 2017, 12:35 AM 

I have one of those in my stable that is unfired, and had another one a long time ago as well.

The Anschutz trigger came in 2 flavors. I think it was called match, and super match. Either is a fine trigger.

Best of luck. You have an awesome rifle.

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(Login Diamondback)

Thanks, Brother Joe. Always risky buying something your unsure about.

April 21 2017, 5:38 PM 

I found reference & a pic, of the Mk2 Anschutz "Match Trigger", & "Super Match Trigger". Mine is the "Match Trigger".
I smiled when I found an old post by you, asking questions about your new Rapid, like how to fill it, etc. Someone responded that they couldn't believe you didn't have a carbon fiber tank yet.
You've come a long way!

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