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Any of you Master Machinists ever build a high quality hand pump capable of at least 3K

April 21 2017 at 12:18 PM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

fills, or even to 4500psi like some do? I'm wondering why Hill pumps only go to 3K. Also how long do pumps that go to 4500psi last or don't they?

i'm REALLY considering one of these, or another Hill MKIII as a back up.

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James Perotti
(Login jpsaxnc)

The thing that kills hand pumps is heat. At the final stage piston,

April 21 2017, 3:42 PM 

and check valve, the temperature could be reaching 500 degreesF. in a 3000psi. pump. In a 4500psi pump I think it would be higher still.

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James Dingle
(Login JamesDingle777)

Learn something new here everyday. That makes me

April 21 2017, 4:39 PM 

wonder if this white non ferrous plunger is an improvement or a step backwards. Someone should start putting together super rebuild kits. I've heard that the green Hills are not the best to be found for that purpose.
The amount of Engineers & Machinists we have here; I just figured someone has built or modified a pump into a super pump at some point. Hill has had the reputation as the best for a long time. I'm just wondering if these higher pressure pumps are using better o-rings, or what, and why Hill has never went beyond 3K when many others are.
I'm also of the mind set that a last forever could be built, but why would they when rebuild kits keep the money coming in. So, if an Engineer were to design one, what would he do different?

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(Login ORTitan)

Not sure I would bother

April 21 2017, 4:43 PM 


At the price of pumps that are readily available I would not undertake to make one myself even though I am capable and have the equipment. The pump in my opinion is one of those things that you would spend much on material and time that the payback would not be worth it. Pumps such as the FX will pump to 250 bar. I am not sure how many air rifles need more than that. Filling a 4500 psi tank is not something that one would do many times with a hand pump. So I think that what the market has for hand pumps is pretty close to what the demand is.

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