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Hair trigger on Crosman 101

May 18 2017 at 7:42 AM
LLuckystrike   (Login lee5868)

Hey guys,

I got my Crosman 101 back together. It looks like I have to cock it first before I pump it. Then when I get to around 10 pumps the trigger goes off and air comes out the barrel. Any tips on how to fix this? Maybe my trigger is warn out? Or something isn't put together correct. Any knowledge helps... I have searched multiple forums and Google for some answers and didn't find anything.



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Rob in NC
(Login rob3dr)

Might try..

May 18 2017, 8:50 AM 

To just pull the hammer back enough to keep it off the valve stem and do your first pump. You should then be able to pump the rest without actually cocking the gun.

It's a band aid and I am not sure what the underlying issue might be, though.
Hope this helps
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Ron Robinson
(Login compressive)

Most likely

May 18 2017, 1:37 PM 

Probably too little sear engagement, likely from worn and/or rounded sear edges. Short of grinding sharper and/or deeper sear edges to effect more engagement, you could try a stronger trigger/sear spring that will hold the sear interface harder (and increase trigger let-off weight).

Another possibility is someone used moly-lube on the sear surfaces. If so, thoroughly degreasing them will solve the problem.

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